Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frymire/Thomason Trip

I've put so many pictures on this post, that I'm not really sure if it's going to let me publish it. We'll see, I guess. You know that we are really good friends with Eric and Kelli - they are like our very favorite people! For FOREVER, Landon has been wanting to take Eric and Kelli on a trip home with us. That has been very hard to coordinate for many reasons - we are so busy, they are busy, anytime we go home we really want to spend time with our families, we don't go home that often. Well, all the stars aligned (just kidding) for us to take a trip together. We had just been home a week and half for Christmas, so we'd spent a good amount of time with our families. Landon had to go back the next week to pick up our part of the cow, and Eric and Kelli could go with us, and I was off from work because of New Year's Day. Things just fell together.
Now, perhaps before you look at the pictures, I should explain what in the world I just meant when I said "to pick up our part of the cow". And, let me just put a disclaimer before I even try to begin this story that I barely have any idea what I'm saying - so if I say things wrong...just know, I'm trying to say them correctly...I just don't know. Landon's family raises cows, and every couple of years, they butcher some of them and we all get meat from them. At first, I thought this was extremely bizarre because I didn't know anything about that - not my world, you know. And, the first year I was privileged to this experience, Landon's family actually butchered the cow themselves and cut it up and wrapped it up and all that stuff...and I helped (I think I put the tape on the packages). This was quite an experience. Since then, we have paid to have someone butcher it and cut it up and package it. This is well worth millions of dollars to me - not that it costs millions, I'm just letting you know how thankful I am that it goes to the butcher shop :) So, about every two years, they butcher a few cows. Well, this year it was 3. One for Landon's parents, One for Wendy's family (L's older sister), and one for Landon and Olivia (L's younger sister) to split (Olivia and Landon have families with no kids yet, you know). Well, the meat was ready last Saturday. So, we loaded up the Murano with us and Eric and Kelli and lots of empty coolers and headed to Crestview. We knew it would be an interesting experience for them to come with us - lots of country you know. I told them I hoped they knew us well because if someone took me out in some crazy wilderness woods, I would be afraid. They seemed to trust us though :) I totally forgot our camera, but here are some pictures Kelli gave me :)

Here's me, right as the trip is beginning. Okay, I bring snacks like water, cheezits, grapes, stuff like that. Kelli and Eric bring snacks like hot tamales, swedish fish, AND BIG LEAGUE CHEW. Excuse me, who in the world even thinks to buy big league chew anymore now that we don't go to elementary school field day? I mean, these jokers are like the coolest people I know. So, here I am, showing that I cannot believe someone has big league chew, and I can't wait to eat it.
Another piece of this story is that Krista and Matt just got married and are living at my parents' house for a while. So, they offered to stay with Matt's parents for the two nights we were there - so that Eric and Kelli and Landon and I could have beds to sleep in. I really appreciate them doing that - and I know it was a major inconvenience and not great timing on our part....but thank you, Matt and Krista!!! We found this in both of our rooms. Matt and Krista went on a cruise for their honeymoon. Look how fun! They made elephants for us!
That night, we ate at Hideaway (should have taken a picture of the pizza!) ,and then we played the game Apples to Apples. That is one fun game. Krista and Matt played with us for a while, but then they had to leave to go to Matt's family's house. Here's a picture of Mom and Dad and me and Landon. We had a great time....although I was so tired!
Then, here's a picture of us and Eric and Kelli. Don't we look like we're having fun?
Alright, so I mentioned above that I was tired. Kelli took my picture and I was making a face trying to show how tired I actually was. I know it looks crazy...but authentic.
I hesitate to put up this picture of Landon because I think it's super crazy. I just want to show that while I was sleeping, basically, Landon was full of fun and craziness and could not stop laughing. Lan, if you want me to take this one down, I will - just let me know :) I always try to show you at your best, you know. :)
The next day we headed to the Frymire's to eat GOOD lunch (I'm trying the chicken and rice tonight!!) and see the land - tour for Eric and Kelli, you know. First we went to see the cows where Eric and I asked a lot of questions and I sometimes asked the same question twice.
Here's Landon with the bull.
PawPaw's chicken house was next on the tour.
Finally, the next morning, it was time to pick up our meat. We headed to uh, was it Geneva, AL? I can't remember. I think it was though. Anyway, we headed there to pick it up. I am always interested (I mean, most of the time) in getting the full experience of things, so I went inside Nevel's when we first arrived....but I couldn't do it. The smell - I just couldn't. They had all our meat ready and were super nice.
Here are Landon and Eric...loading the meat in the all the coolers. Oh yeah, the coolers that we put all our actual stuff - clothes, pillows, etc. - in on the way down - I have no idea how in the world we got back home with everything...well...minus Eric and Kelli's air mattress, that is.
And, that's it! It was a fun filled weekend - I am glad to be home though for a while. We've got a lot of excitement going on here. Landon's first day at the church was Monday, and it seems to be going great. I know he must feel overwhelmed with so many new things - but I have no doubt he's going to be an awesome pastor. I can't wait to be there on Sunday and get to see everyone! And, guess what? It's supposed to snow today! I'll update later to let you know if it actually does snow...

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