Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The First Sunday

Okay...update with no pictures (because I keep forgetting to ask Landon to take the camera to work with him and take a picture of the church sign). I know the question must be burning in your mind....


Well, let me tell you - it was FANTASTIC!! He did such a great job! I am crazy proud of him! We drove over to Hoschton on Saturday night and spent the night with Mrs. Carolyn and her husband, Gerald. They made GREAT meals for us and Landon's favorite cookies....they even wanted us to park our car in THEIR garage and gave Landon the remote control. Is that ridiculous or what?? They have been so kind to us - I don't even have anything to say how much I can't believe it. So, after spending the night Saturday night, we headed to church Sunday morning. We had a really good time in Sunday School, and then so enjoyed the church service. I love that song Alive, Forever, Amen, and the choir sang it to open the service. Landon and I had to sing along, of course, so I'm sure we looked crazy - but we don't care. Landon preached, and I thought he did such a great job. Not because he was Billy Graham or something, but just because of his heart - and passion - and he seemed really comfortable once he got up there and got started. He told them about the baby at the end of the service, and they seemed excited for us. Landon was SO TIRED Sunday night - I have rarely, if ever, seen him that exhausted. I think it's more of a mental exhaustion (and some a physical one) from just having such a full day. And, I think it will help a lot when we get moved over there and aren't driving back and forth so much. Anyway, everyone was so kind to us, and we enjoyed (especially me since I hadn't seen a lot of the people in a longer time than Landon) just enjoyed getting to see everyone again! I had not been there since the beginning of December when we went in view of a call. So...again, let me just say, I know we are in a honeymoon period. I know we are not perfect...and if they don't realize now...they'll realize soon. I just feel like this is so what our purpose is.

BTW: I am cooking this broccoli chicken casserole tonight for dinner that I am very excited about. I'll try to remember to report back and post the recipe if it ends up being good. If it's sick...you will hear no more about it. AND, I'm hoping we are going to play Super Mario Wii tonight!! I'm excited about us being home together tonight.

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