Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Frymire Update

I haven't had time to post since yesterday's appointment - you know, blah blah, our life is crazy, the usual excuses. I actually had a work dinner last night that Landon and I went to, so we seriously were out until kind of late. On to the dr. appt....

The doctor says everything is great. We did not do an ultrasound yesterday, but we did get to hear the heartbeat, thank goodness! I was so relieved. It was amazing how much louder it was this month than last month. Last month I had to listen and pay attention to hear the baby's heartbeat over my own. This month, I didn't even hear my own heartbeat - I only heard the baby's. It sounded louder, and that was exciting. The doctor said it was a strong heartbeat...and fast...he said, "This is a girl." I said, "You think it's a girl??" He said, "Well, don't paint the room yet." But, yes, his thought was that it's a girl because of the faster heartbeat. We'll see though...I can't wait to know for sure! It feels like he/she knows something we don't, and I just want to know too! I am 17 weeks today, and the Baby center stuff says more cartilage is turning into bone, the baby can move his/her joints, and sweat glands are developing. Also, it says hearing is developing now - exciting. appointment is in one month, at the end of February. That's the update!

In other news, well, we don't really have any other news. I actually cut the tag off one of the pairs of maternity pants I bought after my appointment went well yesterday, so that's progress. I thought about what my friend said about getting the Doppler machine at my house, but I'm way too much of a maniac to do that, I'm afraid. I wouldn't do it right and wouldn't be able to hear it....and then I'd be freaking out!! I think it's probably best done at the dr. office - but that's only because I am such a panicky person!

Landon is doing a GREAT job (if I do say so myself). I am so excited for everything that's happening! We close on the house on Friday, so we are super excited about that. I have a bunch of lists started - one list of Thank you notes for Bethabra members (they gave us an AWESOME reception on Sunday for lunch and helped us with Lowe's gift cards so we can better afford to put blinds in our new house!), a list of things to cut off, a list of things to set up, a list of things to check on, and a list of places we'll need to do address changes. Yikes. It is a lot to think about. But, I've got it written down, so it's under control!

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