Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Friends and Random Other Stuff

Finally! We took a picture of the sign! Isn't this exciting? I don't have time for a long post today, but just wanted to put a few pictures up. Here's the church sign above!
This past weekend we stayed with our new friends Jason and Jeanette - they were AWESOME!! It's such a commitment to keep Landon and me for the weekend because we eat with you on Saturday night, eat with you on Sunday morning, THEN come BACK to your house after church Sunday and eat with you and stay til night church - yikes, that's a lot! Jason and Jeanette were SO GREAT. They cooked meatloaf and potatoes and green beans on Saturday night, then breakfast casserole on Sunday morning with blueberry muffins and strawberries, and then we had chili on Sunday afternoon after church. I wanted to show you how thoughtful they were though - look what I found when I got upstairs to our bed Saturday evening...
A sweet welcome sign with our name on it and chocolate! And...

Water bottles and towels and Dove soap in a pretty basket, a sweet gift for me with Babywise, some lotion, and a notepad, and then a bunch of books Jeanette thought I might like to borrow about baby stuff. They were so thoughtful. I'll tell you - we have not encountered ONE PERSON at our new church who has not been out of the way kind and generous to us. I know they're not going to like us this much forever - but we sure do love everyone - we have felt so special!
BTW, I ate at IHOP for lunch today, and on the way out, we realized they have a 72 health rating. This is not good friends - almost at the "shut you down" point. I don't know if I'll be alive tomorrow....I'll report back.
Oh, and BTW again, Landon did another great job this past Sunday. I am so proud of him!
Oh, and one more thing. Kristy went with me last night to our new house to see how we're going to decorate it - it was so much fun!!! I know we can't buy much, but there are a couple of things we're going to need to get, and she is like a major pro with that tape measure. I can't wait until we get moved in. Last night was the first time I've been there when heat was on, so you actually wanted to stay in the house and look around and not run back out to the warm car. I'm pretty excited about it....(if you couldn't tell)...

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