Friday, January 29, 2010

Closing Today & My Progress

Well, the day has finally arrived. We are closing on our house today. I have the cashier's check in my purse, and we are all set. We're meeting Sabra, our realtor, for lunch, then to do the walk thru, and then on to the attorney's office ( I think) where we close. This should definitely make things a lot more real. I have mixed feelings about all of this - good feelings for sure, but mixed. One, I am glad to be closing today. I am already tired of us having to make this drive on the weekends - it makes it feel like we don't even have a weekend. feels like I work all week, then we travel all weekend, then I work again all week and we just do it all over again. Even though my commute to work will be significantly longer, at least when I have a day "off", it will truly be a day off. Secondly, I think the next couple of weeks are going to be a lot of chaos. Trying to get our stuff moved a few days at a time, then the big move in a couple of weeks - just feels like a lot of work...and mainly a lot of chaos. I will be thankful when we are moved in and settled with all our stuff (can you believe I'm saying this and we haven't even closed on the house yet....I need some patience!). Third, I am super excited to move in because our house is BEAUTIFUL, and a huge blessing from the Lord. I can't wait to live there and start this new phase. Fourth (and this is the last thing), I think the actual move out of our townhouse here in Woodstock is going to be a really hard thing, emotionally, for me. I've already left FBCW, which was also really hard, but I still drive by the church almost everyday and am still in familiar surroundings of what has been my "home". I think this move in a couple of weeks will be a final "tear away" from the safety of Woodstock, and mind you, I know we are super close, so I'm not being dramatic. I'm just saying...this is truly a new step. It's always been hard for me to leave houses we lived in - except Slidell, of course. Anyway, these are all my thoughts for today on the closing. Mainly, I'm just overwhelmed with thankfulness of how sovereign God is and how we waited and waited for what seemed like forever....and look here we are. And look how good it is.

Alright, in other news. I've decided to start taking my picture once a week (uh, with my clothes on - I'm not into pictures of my real body like some people are during pregnancy) so I can track my progress. was last Friday, so in the middle of Week 16.
And, here's this morning. In the middle of Week 17. Okay, and my face is like crazy white in this picture. I know, I know, I am crazy white, but I think in the picture above, it was daylight outside, and Landon didn't turn on the flash. I think better with no flash...for sure. I don't know why I look bigger last week - I think it's because my sweater was tighter. And, I don't know why I have on green both times - two Fridays in a row. Funny.
I'm definitely getting bigger, which is very, very weird, but I'm very, very thankful! You can thank me for not putting my real body on this blog :) You will NEVER see that on here....don't worry.

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