Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Myriad of Updates - all Centered around MOVING

Ya'll, is Landon cute or what in this picture? He wore such a cute outfit to our closing on Friday, and look at how cute he is opening the front door! :) I asked him to pose for this picture, and can you believe he did? (after I took one picture and he made an ugly face instead of a sweet face) We did close on the house Friday. Things have been pretty busy - pretty busy would be an understatement. But, we've asked for some help - which is good. We have great church members helping us with blinds (which are very important) and cleaning - all happening this week! We did spend the night there on Saturday night, which was weird....and especially weird because there was no furniture except for the guest bed (which btw is extremely uncomfortable). We have a million things to do in what feels like such a short time. That's why I'm so thankful for the help we've received!'s Landon...opening the door to our new chapter in life :)

On Saturday, Eric and Kelli came over and helped us pack/move all day. Our big move is still in another week and a half, but we wanted to get some stuff cleaned out, and we wanted to get the guest bed moved over to the new house. Eric and Landon moved heavy stuff all day, and Kelli helped me pack all day. It was exhausting! My mom said that Eric and Kelli help us with stuff so much we should pay for them to go on a vacation. HA! They are AWESOME friends, and they help us with a lot of we could pay for them to go on a vacation....Eric and Kelli, I would pay for it!! I would send you on a cruise to wherever you want to go - you choose the destination! Anyway, here are Landon and Eric....carrying a bed down one of the steep flights of steps in our townhouse.

And, here's Kelli - we were packing in mine and Landon's bedroom. This box has all my the sweatband Kelli is wearing. Nice look, huh? She was probably sweating a lot because I kept turning the heat back up....but I promise i tried to leave it down most of the time!!
There's still a lot more to move, but the upstairs is pretty much packed and almost gone. And, the basement room is gone. I've packed some of the kitchen, but not all of it, and haven't packed anything else in the living room. I do think we've probably done the bulk of it, but it still feels so overwhelming!
A side note. We have to buy a mailbox. Our house does not have one (doesn't it always seems like there are little issues?). We have looked at Lowe's for a mailbox. Well, all the ones we like are enormous ones. I thought this one below was hilarious. What if you drove past someone's house and saw this mailbox, just like not a business, but in front of a residence? It has a lock and key. I think this would be the crazy funniest mailbox to buy.

That's it! I'll keep you posted with the moving/packing/being overwhelmed situation.

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