Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I have not participated in one of Kelly's carnivals in a long time, but I really liked this one, so I thought I'd join in. The topic is Simple Pleasures. I started trying to think about this, and I had so many, and so many of them were about food....I don't know...I wanted to share them with you. What are your Simple Pleasures?

Mine are:
Sleeping late on a day off (bonus: and waking up to it raining)
Playing Super Mario with Landon
Eating just about anywhere, but especially Stoney River, with Landon
Laughing about inside jokes with my friends
Reading books
Having a jeans day at work
Going to bed early when I'm really tired (which is most of the time)
Eating chicken and rice or homestyle chicken at Cracker Barrel
Drinking Sweet Tea at Sonny’s
Holding hot chocolate in my hand when it’s cold outside
Taking my shoes off and lying on the couch when I get home from work
Knowing the house is clean and that even if I wanted to clean, I couldn’t find anything to do (this never happens)
Drinking out of fun glasses (I used to like to buy a new glass to drink out of when I made good grades on tests in college J)
Cherry coke with chunk cherries from Tastee Freeze in DeFuniak
Breadsticks from Mia’s
Lasagna from Mom and Dad’s restaurant
Waking up at least 30 minutes before your alarm goes off and getting to go back to sleep!
Going to sleep with the dishwasher running…especially if Landon’s not home
Sitting on Momma and Daddy’s bed while they pack for a trip
A space heater at my desk at work
Someone else cutting my toenails (I mean at the nail place - I would never wish this upon a friend I actually know - except Krista :) But, family has to make sacrifices)
The excitement of snow coming (which rarely ever happens)
Getting an unexpected refund check in the mail
Watching American Idol with Landon
Watching Landon with babies
Knowing the Gators play today
Doing Gator cheers at the game – and cheering as the team runs out for my favorite part when it says "Only Gators Get Out Alive"
The smell of Wise Equipment
Watching our family pull in the driveway to visit
Feeling like we’re in God’s will

I could think of a bunch more....but I guess this list will do for now :)

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