Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay, so Friday, I was able to be off the second half of the day. My boss, Patty, let me go home to pack for the move on Saturday. I got home and starting packing, but for some reason having to stretch up high to reach stuff always makes me not feel very good. So, I decided to lie down on the couch for a little bit and then continue with the packing. I probably slept for 30 minutes and when I got up and looked was snowing...HARD. Serious business snow (well, the most serious business I've ever seen). It was so beautiful. I could not believe it! And, it just kept coming down. I was concerned about the move the next day and ice and all that stuff, but this snow thing is fascinating. It's just so pretty coming down and so quiet - you know, it's not like rain where you can hear it hitting your roof hard. It's like if you don't look out the window and then you do like out all of sudden...everything outside is changing and you had no idea if you were inside with the blinds shut. Crazy. We so enjoyed watching it come down. I was seriously trying to pack, so we didn't go out in it to play, and I didn't even take these pictures until Saturday, but it was very fun :)
Out the front door.

Out the front door, but this is not our Auburn flag - it's the neighbor's flag.
Out the back door.
I was attempting to show how deep the snow was - the news said we got 3.6 inches.
The railing of the deck.
Another picture out the back.
Okay, this is not in front of our house, but is this fun or what? It was in front of another townhouse in the neighborhood.
So, that's it! Major snow for us! It also snowed the same at our new house, and when we got there on Saturday, someone had come over that morning and shoveled off our sidewalk and driveway and put salt down. I continue to shake my head at how our new church family has loved us and done WAY above and beyond anything we could have imagined to help us. Anyway, I didn't take any pictures at the new house...but it was pretty there too, and if it snows again...I'll try.

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