Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Hand Update

Okay, so Landon went to the dr. today. They said his hand was doing fine. We did not realize the bone was actually broken all the way in two, but apparently it is. We both must have misunderstood last week at the dr. - we thought it was just a hairline fracture. Anyway, it's a full break....and Landon has been sort of careful, but he's also been trying to move stuff, etc. with his cast on. So...the dr. really cautioned him about trying to use his fingers and all. Obviously, it will make MAJOR problems if something moves wrong. BUT, things were great today. The xrays were good and the hand is healing fine. The cast should be on for 3 weeks, and Landon should get it off on the 15th.

He did his first funeral today (first one alone, that is). I know he did a great job! He also did a great job preaching yesterday - ya'll, I think he is really talented...anyway, I'm really grateful for where we are. I am, however, not grateful for the crazy EXPENSIVE gas/water/sewer/garbage bill we received. We have that stuff (all of it, that's right, weird huh) through the City of Winder. We received the bill and it was very expensive. We think it's because when we first had the gas turned on (because the bank wouldn't since it was a foreclosure) there was a leak in the crawl space. Not a gas leak, but a leak where the heat was leaking into the crawl space through a big hole in the pipe. Our realtor suggested we leave it on anyway though so that the pipes didn't freeze in all this cold weather we've had. Well, it was insanely expensive. I called them this morning to see if they could "help" us any with the bill. Guess what? They said no. Then I asked why it didn't break any of the gas costs down per therm. They told me what they were for last month but said that info would never show up on our bill. Also, I asked if we found gas cheaper somewhere else, could we only get water/sewer/garbage from them. Guess what? She says they are the only ones allowed to provide it in this county. I think that's what she said. I said, "Don't you think that's like a monopoly?" She said, "I guess so." Anyway, HOPEFULLY this major bill was because of the leak....and HOPEFULLY it will be a more normal amount next month.... if not, you better expect to keep your coat on the entire time you visit our home during any winter months.

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  1. Wow.. Umm... It looks like Matt and I can't come until summer.. Just worked out that way... LOL! Just Kidding!!