Monday, February 8, 2010

Men's Conference

Look at this great group of men from our new church! Don't they look awesome??! The FBCW men's conference was this past they all packed up from Hoschton...and headed to the Frymire townhouse. Yes, that's right, they ALL stayed at the townhouse on Friday night. I left and spent the night with Kelli, but I did go by the house late Friday evening so I could take this group picture. They slept on beds, air mattresses, and couches in every single room...and somehow they all fit. I do not know how 14 men got ready for the men's conference the next morning with 2.5 bathrooms....but okay. Girls could not do this. Wait, let me rephrase. Some girls could do this. I, personally, could not do this. Yikes. I know they were exhausted after Friday evening's conference, not much sleep Friday night, and then the conference Saturday until lunch. As you already know, everyone has been so kind to us at the church, and we love so much already. I'm so excited this many men were able to join Landon and come to the townhouse for the conference. What did Kelli and I do, you ask? Well...we wild women went to Cracker Barrel (that's right) and then went to a movie. I had a great time with her! She is one of my very favorite people. I was worried about the men seeing the townhouse in great disarray and that first glance of everything being their first impression of us. Landon did a good job trying to push the boxes to the side, and I know, men don't notice stuff like that anyway. And, I know they knew we are moving....soon. I'm so happy the weekend was such a great success!

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  1. Are any of these men single/available? This is important info to me... ;) --- steph