Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SOS: My Neck Problems

Okay, this is a call out to any friends. Email me, call me, leave me a comment. Whatever. If you have advice, I need it. I'm having a problem with my neck. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that for the past 4 weekends, I've spent Saturday night in 4 different beds. I'm sure this has nothing to do with being completely stressed, or being pregnant, or having to sleep differently, or having to pack boxes, or anything else that's going on right now. The point is that yesterday morning (Tuesday) I woke up and cannot move my head to the left. It's really, really painful. I worked from home yesterday, so I tried to put ice on it. Well, truthfully, I put a heating pad on it, and then when I researched on the internet, it said, "Do not put heat on it." Whoops. Oh well. Too late. It said to put ice on it. I did. All day. Then today, I go to work. It is crazy painful - I mean bad. I really want to give it a couple of days to work itself out. I was going out of our conference room and was carrying an empty box. I accidentally ran into the side of the door frame with the box (because my balance and depth perception are not so good anymore), and that shot pain crazy down my neck - oh my word. I thought I was going to cry - and right then, a co-worker was walking down the hall. She came over to talk to me and asked what was wrong. I explained about my neck, and she rubbed it for me. She did a good job, and it felt not so tight when she left, but then it just felt tight again soon. I may have to go to the dreaded C word tomorrow. The Chiropractor. My parents have gone to chiropractors, and I know people all have different opinions about whether or not they really work. I just don't want to go because I don't want to pay any money. I'm not getting any x-ray. I don't want to go back for more than one visit. I just want him to fix it without making any weird popping noises with my neck or back. I need a remedy. A fast one. I also feel like I'm making the problem worse by turning my head more to the good side to like over correct, and then that's making the bad side even more tense. I know you do not need all this information. The point is: I am having a problem. It is taking up too much of my time and energy. I have to get focused back on packing and other situations. Please help. SOS. Does anyone have a suggestion?


  1. Bethany---Wow! I actually have the same exact neck problem right now---no kidding. Mine started Sunday when I got out of the shower I think I just moved the wrong way. Mine was so painful (on the left side too) I took pain killers all day for a couple days. I iced mine and it felt better but then it started back again today. I have super crazy terrible knots in my neck and shoulders that used to cause chronic migraines and I usually go to a massage therapist regulary but haven't been lately. I think that is the problem. A knot forms in the muscle so it can't function properly (probably due to stress and not enough relaxation or stretching) and then one move the wrong way and then you have a muscle strain. When you get to Winder I can recommend a place that is not too expensive where I go. The chiropractor there does pull, stretch, and pop but you can just do the massage therapy. They also have student appointments that are a lot cheaper. If you are worried about money I would choose a massage over an adjustment. I also use one of those contour pillows and my neck problems come less often now. Hope it gets better! I feel your pain! Jeanette Wakeman

  2. Dude, you cannot have x-rays when you are pregnant so don't worry (or you shouldn't have to worry) about paying for that service. You know how I feel about chiropractors anyway... Do not take any ibuprofen either (if you were not pregnant, this would be my first recommendation). --your personal RPh