Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a....

I cannot believe we are having a boy! It was a huge shock at the dr. office last Thursday. I have an older doctor, so although I'm sure it's an old wives tale, when he said he thought it was a girl last month (I think because the heartbeat was faster), we just took him at his word, I guess. I think Landon and I both anticipated a girl....and when the ultrasound showed a, were we surprised! Boy, I want to be a good mom. I feel even more unsure about how to be a momma to a boy....just because I'm a girl and only had a sister. I am excited to have a sweet boy, and we already know his name will be James. We're having a tougher time with middle name, so we're working on that. My parents came on Friday, so I hung up two balloons (like the one above) - a girl balloon and a boy balloon. Then I had them open a present with the following little outfits to tell them whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl.

One thing we have already's hard to find cute boy clothes. And, let me just tell you something, IT WILL BE MY LIFE'S MISSION. I told James, "You don't worry, sweetie. Your mommy is going to find you the sweetest little boy clothes - if I have to look high and low, I will find them, and you will not be dressed in ugly clothes." And, I can't wait to part his hair in a little side part :) OOOH....he is going to be cute. The ultrasound was amazing. He moved around a lot, although he wouldn't turn his little face around so we could see it clearly. We got one profile shot, but that was it. So far, everything looks good. Thank you, Lord!
We had a great time with Momma and Daddy here. On Saturday, we looked around at Babies r Us...and I mean, just looked around. It was overwhelming there!! We had a great time with them on Saturday, and Dad even helped Landon do some house stuff that he was having a hard time getting to with his hurt hand.
On Sunday morning, Jason and Jeanette gave us this pretty gift:
Is this cute or WHAT? She even clipped the card on with a clothespin. I had to take a picture of it right there in the Sunday School class. They have done so many thoughtful things for us - this present had a sweet newborn outfit (that was really cute).

And finally, here I am. This is at 21 and a half weeks. I'm definitely starting to look bigger...and there's no question I feel bigger. I feel sort of like an alien. But, it will be worth it for sure when our sweet James arrives.


  1. Congratulations! I personally think boys are the best! (Love my girls too of course). Good luck finding clothes. I've had a hard time with that. I don't like all the really cutesy stuff and seems like most stuff has either balls or dogs on it. Yuck!

  2. Congratulations! That's exciting!

  3. Noah's heartrate was in the "girl" range too. :)Cute clothes are going to be a challenge. I love Gymboree for Madison, but wasn't crazy about them for baby boys. (Thank Goodness because when Zach was born, we couldn't afford it!!)

  4. Congrats on baby James!! You looked too cute- Miss you both!

  5. Oh Bethany! I am so excited for you and Landon. Boys are the greatest and they love their momma! You will be an AWESOME boy mom. I remember thinking the same thoughts too when we were told we would have a boy because all we had were nieces and I only had a sister. However I would not change anything today. Oh how I love my boys!!