Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling all Moms

I need some advice. After my overwhelming trip to Babies R Us on Saturday, I need your help. If there are things you couldn't live without...or things you could totally live without...can you help me? I need some lists, girls! You know how I like to have everything organized, and this part of things just feels so overwhelming because I don't know what I'm doing!!! can comment or you can email me...but please help! Strollers, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, snap n go's, pack n plays....yikes!! I want to choose the very best EVERYTHING (but not necessarily the most expensive :), and I want to choose things that I can re-use with a girl one day (if this experience goes well and we have another baby :) I figure we will probably register in the next couple of weeks - why wait now that we know it's a boy!? me cut through all the fluff and get the GOOD stuff. Thank you!!


  1. Congratulations!! I love my boys (at church). You will be a great mommy, because you are worrying about being one. I will email you my list :-)

  2. I know with each of mine the must-haves were different. Zach and Noah loved loved loved the swing but Madison hated it. I didn't use the bouncy seat much with any of them but some people swear by them. The pack n play was useful for traveling (which I hope you guys will plan on doing some of ). I wish I had a peanut shell or some other type of sling with the boys. Same thing with the boppy. I didn't get one with the boys and loved it with Madison. You know I have opinions just ask ;)

  3. Bethany, You should get the book "Baby Bargains". It talks about and rates every baby product out there. It's like a consumer reports of baby land. It's awesome! I love shopping for my little man. We get his church clothes at Strasburg...i get so many comments on what a little gentlemen he is! Enjoy! He's going to steal your heart like you won't believe. I also thought I was having a girl wasn't sure about having a boy. But God knew what he was doing. I am completely in love with my little boy! :)