Thursday, March 18, 2010

Registering: The Real Story

Well, we have one down and one to go. We are planning to register at Target and Babies R Us. We did Babies R Us this past Friday night. Let me just tell you - as if you probably don't already know - registering takes a lot of energy. No matter how much research you've done, advice you've gotten, no matter how many times you've walked that store before going to is still stressful (if you disagree with need to let me know). I had gone with Mandy to walk through the entire store and took 4 and a half (small) notebook pages of notes. I had emailed all my breast feeding momma friends and asked for advice and tips on what you need/don't need. Still, it was stressful. With all of Landon's hand situations going on, plus just lots of busyness at the church, I was afraid he was going to be too tired to go last Friday evening. I knew I couldn't go with him if he was tired and couldn't be engaged. We had to be a serious team, and seriously work together to pick out stuff for James. After a TERRIBLE Costco date experience that I cannot even speak of (just think of a catheter hanging out of a person's pants really, really openly while we're eating and then think of my fork breaking off in my pizza and me biting into it and thinking I've broken my tooth), we headed for Babies R Us. I even unloaded EVERYTHING in my purse that I knew was weighing me down. That is serious, ya'll.

While the lady talked to us, gave us a booklet, some coupons, a plastic-y rewards card, etc., one thing she kept saying was, "Just have fun. Don't let this stress you out. " I thought, "Good grief, stop saying that. I'm excited to do this, and we're going to have fun - we're not even stressed." I wanted to start in the front corner of the store, working our way down each aisle (shocking, I know). Well, that means we had to start with the bottles. This could have been the most confusing section to start with for us. Okay, I'm not trying to be graphic here but did you know there are different stages of the nipples? There is Stage 1, slow flow, Stage 2....and some more I don't even know about. And, there are probably 6 different brands of bottles. Then, the bottles are different sizes. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Mandy and I briefly discussed this section, but we didn't really go over it. Now, I know I'll hopefully be really successful with the nursing stuff and not have to use a bottle much - we'll see - I must have these products though, just in case. We ended up buying a starter kit of the Playtex drop in kind, which I think was a very good choice. Then, I've heard so much about those Dr. Brown bottles, I wanted a couple of those. FINALLY, we finished in that crazy section. We wound our way around the store, I should say, a small part of the store. We collapsed and set up the strollers (which was kind of embarrassing because we have no idea what we're doing).

We started in the store at 7:30 on Friday night. At 9:15, Landon said we should leave before they closed at 9:30. We had probably gotten through half of the store, but we had at least made the big decisions (stroller, pack n play, swing, bouncer, high chair thing). So, we left. We were exhausted.

I went back on Saturday and finished up for us. No big decisions, so it wasn't a huge deal. I do not have a clue, though, when we'll have time to do Target. I'm hoping sometime next week. I think I'm going to double register for stuff in both stores, and then take it off the registry in the other store if we receive it (did that make sense?). The only thing I don't want to double register for is the stroller - I love that thing, and it's the one I really, really want. They don't carry it at Target at all, so I'm not going to register for a stroller there.

So, if you want to look at our it is!;jsessionid=GnSqLv1hLvc5rXdThnKTPpYMfgJnxf2HVLH1tffyzBmmcFCsBjn8!-1086404702?_flowExecutionKey=_cC3296E2C-9D30-4732-1DC0-21B9D162D2A5_k8B991B97-3FF6-770A-EA0C-A2CA09E6902E

Okay, and who really knows if that link will work.

That's it for today's update! It's been a very busy week - church stuff seems to get busier and busier for Landon. I'm taking him on a special surprise date tonight.... :)


  1. Getting to use all of that stuff will be much more fun then registering for it!!

  2. For your link, put this in instead:

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