Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday know what day it is! Today is Laundry Rooms/Play Rooms (I think) but I don't have much to offer. Below is a picture of our laundry "room" (really a closet). In our Crestview house, we had a larger laundry room which was really nice...maybe again one day! This little closet is very functional though, and as you can see, we keep lots of cleaners up there...
I thought, though, that since I missed out on living rooms and kitchens, I might just post some pictures of those rooms! Below is a picture of our kitchen. It's probably one of my favorite rooms. I know it's small - trust me, I know it's small because I have to use the stove as a counter top half the time so I have enough room! But, I love all the colors! We painted this room Duron paint color Bagel - and I really like it. You can see my Cottage Garden Bowl from Southern Living up on top of the cabinets.
This is a closer up picture of the stove area. I love the flat top stove. When we moved here, the townhouse was brand new and had a gas stove. I hate gas stoves - I had one in Slidell, and I just couldn't deal with that stress the house was also wired for an electric stove, we bought this one and sold the gas stove in the paper. Best move ever - even if we did probably lose some money. I think the kitchen is very cozy :)
Below is my favorite new area. I have a friend (Bonnie) at work who has a lamp in her kitchen. I really wanted to have a lamp in my kitchen, but I just didn't think it was big enough....but....I decided to do it anyway. I had this small lamp, so I put it in the corner with a candle and my cookbook holder - I think it looks great. I understand it is probably not all that functional since the kitchen is already small...but I don't care. I love to turn the lamp on and just stare at it in the corner (but I can't leave it on too long because it was cheap and I'm afraid it will catch on fire!).
Okay, here's the view of our kitchen table coming from the living room. I love this high table...although I will admit it's not that comfortable to sit at for a long time. And, you cannot see it, but there's a bad spot on the table that I accidentally made by leaving a sachet on the table for like a month, and the oils leaked out...(Landon says we can't have anything nice when I'm around - but he is just joking). Landon bought me the clock on the left a couple Christmases ago - I love it! And, although you really can't see it that well, we have beautiful crown molding (or is it moulding?) throughout the living room and kitchen - it's one of my very favorite things!
Here's a view of the eating area looking from the kitchen.
And, against the wall on the living room side of the eating area, is our baker's rack. I'm not sure why I wanted to show this to you because it's messy...I sell Southern Living, and I don't have a good place to store the stuff I have, so it's all piled on the bottom of the baker's rack. This baker's rack has been a great storage place for us though since there's not very much storage room (at all!) in our townhouse.
Now, on to the living room. I took these pictures a while back...and I don't know why this one is so small - haha! But, I can't make it bigger or it gets squint...I love the picture above the fireplace - I pretty much love everything about this room - and the kitchen, and our master bedroom. The only thing I'm not sure about is the iron work around the tv, but I think it looks better in person and not in this crazy small picture. Oh yeah, and I remembered what the paint color is down here - remember how I couldn't remember it when I was showing the bathroom that's striped downstairs? It's Gobi Beige...

Okay, and why this picture below is really big...I have no clue. This is a view on the other side of the living room - you can see the front door to the right. I love our palm tree, and I love that lamp - uh, pretty much I love it all since we picked it out new after the hurricane.
Alright, that's it for me today! Thanks for looking at my laundry "room", kitchen, and living room! Happy Friday!


  1. Yeah, you're really strapped for storage space. What with that guest bedroom, office, and (What is it? Oh yeah!) that room downstairs off the garage that is MEANT FOR STORAGE.

  2. I think the lamp looks great in the kitchen. Nice touch, isn't it? BD