Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sucrets and Personality Differences

HA - I am cracking my ownself up with this picture. WHO REMEMBERS SUCRETS? I didn't even know they made these anymore. We are at Publix the other night on the medicine aisle, and I see these! My dad used to have these on top of his chest of drawers with his wallet, I mean...billfold...(by the way...if you really think about the word "billfold" don't you think it's a weird word...bill...fold?) Anyway, on top of the chest of drawers, in the little place he kept his billfold and keys, he had this tin of Sucrets. So...I haven't seen Sucrets for like 20 years (literally) and then while Landon was looking at the medicines at Publix...I SAW THEM. It was a blast from the past. They are still in a tin - like they are trying to market a retro look. This cracks me up. I just had to capture the moment. I understand the picture is a little blurry, but I was trying not to look like the craziest joker in the world taking pictures on the medicine aisle of Publix - uh, weirdo. Next on the agenda....
I took this picture of Landon because I just want to highlight our differences. This is what makes us match together well. I am a detailed person, but I do not like to linger in grocery aisles for long (Steph, I think you remember this probably from our A.P.T. days). For instance, if I need some medicine, although I want to get the right kind, I will NOT stand in the aisle for very long and look - I just grab some and move on. Landon's personality is completely different. If we are not in a hurry, he wants to investigate, really dwell on, think about, be sure he is choosing the perfect item for his needs. YIKES...IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!! (in a way like I love him a lot, I mean). We were about to go to OK Cafe on the way to the hospital the other night, and we decided to stop in Publix and get some medicine for Landon because he had been coughing. We are staring intently at the Robitussin section, oh yes, and at the Mucinex, trying to decide which one will perfectly rid Landon of his symptoms. Dude, I just cannot do it. He picks each one of them up, slowly, and painstakingly looks at the ingredients, then puts it back and chooses the next down the row to inspect. He asks me what I think....what do I think? I DON'T CARE...I DON'T CARE...LET'S JUST LEAVE (even though we are not in a hurry). There is no reason at all for me to be so impatient - we have plenty of time. It's just a difference in our personalities. He wants to know, "Well, if you get sick after me, will you take this medicine?" I DON'T CARE - YES, IF WE CAN LEAVE RIGHT NOW, I'LL TAKE IT - I'LL TAKE ANY DRUG YOU WANT! Landon is thoughtful about these kind of things...and he likes to sniff out all options (like a drug dog). This is a good balance between us because I just like to mow down the aisles as fast as possible and get out of there! (this is the opposite of how I am at Macy's or Ann Taylor though). Another aisle this happens on is the cereal aisle or even the ice cream aisle. Sigh...patience, patience, patience. Why don't I ever have any...and why am I always in a hurry???? I have to take a lot of deep breaths. I asked Landon for his permission to talk about this, because I didn't want him to feel like I was making fun of him. He, actually, is the smart one for taking time to investigate the ingredients, dosages, etc. and choosing the very best medicine/cereal/ice cream for his needs. Thanks, Lan (and the Lord), for helping to grow me....yuck.


  1. This is a great story! And oh, by the way, I just recently bought Sucrets. In the tin. I still have a couple leftover, but they are in the medicine cabinet. (not on top of a dresser next to my billfold...)

  2. OF COURSE I and Lan are right there together. I shop that way for anything - groceries, TVs, cars, shoes, hair products, etc. Oh, but I do know my way around the 'drug' isle though ;) Am I not still your personal pharmacist? I was not consulted about this particular problem. Was Jim's Sucrets tin right next to the 2 Excedrin (to be kept loose in his pocket all day)?

    - you know who this is