Monday, June 1, 2009

Tea Leaves and Thyme

This past Saturday, I had my first experience at Tea Leaves and Thyme, a tea room in town. I pass this place all the time and have wanted to go since we moved here. I met my good friend, Karen, there at 10:30 on Saturday morning and we enjoyed brunch. She had shrimp and grits, and I had pancakes! We also enjoyed two kinds of tea - Raspberry and then a Hawaiian tea - it was delicious! They even had a gift shop with special teas and fun jewelry to peruse after eating. We had a great time. Here's a picture below....I must say about this picture though...I look very odd and sort of "gigantic" in it - we just watched the first Night at the Museum on Saturday night and I am reminded of how they called Ben Stiller "Gigantour" (I know that spelling is probably wrong). This is how I look in that picture - the lady who was taking it told me I looked kind of like the Statue of Liberty with that hat on - I should have taken more notice of that, but instead I just smiled for my picture...I'm showing it to you because I'm real and authentic....but I don't like it. But, nevertheless, regardless of the picture...I had a great time at Tea Leaves and Thyme.


  1. Ok...I am commenting on every post...sorry.
    I think you look beautiful as usual and Karen is such a sweet lady. She has taken care of my guys in nursery. :)

  2. thats one of my favorite places! we should go one saturday. :)