Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Random

Alright...another quick mainly picture post that I'm trying to CATCH UP.
Carolyn finished the furniture cushions - they are awesome!!!
James and Mommy eating breakfast at DQ one morning.  That is literally the only restaurant where I like the white gravy.  I've never like white gravy in my entire life - no matter who made it - until DQ.  Anyway, James wanted it one morning and we had time.  I'm trying to take time to seize moments that I know we won't get back and revel in sweet times with my baby.  Time is passing so fast!
We met Hope, Adaira, and Aaron one morning at the park and had such a great time.  I am so thankful for Hope's precious friendship.  

James saying "thanks" to Grammie and GatorPa for a Longhorn giftcard they sent a while back for an occasion...yummy chili cheese fries!
Made muffins to take to Sunday School teachers last Sunday.  So thankful for those solid people and their influence on others!

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