Friday, September 27, 2013


Ah, the excitement never ends around here :)  (not complaining, just making a statement). James has been in rare form lately - just BUSY, BUSY, and I wanted to remember some of the funny things he's been doing.
Yesterday morning I was on the phone with my boss.  I knew I just needed like 5 min to ask her a quick question about something.  Just like ALWAYS (most of the time) happens, as soon as I got on the phone with her, James comes busting in there and wants me to hand him some money that he sees on top of our dresser.  Normally we never have ANY cash around the house.  I am in the debit card generation and my generation carries no cash - we use our debit cards for a 2.50 purchase at the gas station.  However, we came across $60 and it was sitting (3 $20's) on our dresser.  I let James take the money so that he would be quiet for a few minutes.  He trots off to the living room, which is fine with me, and all is quiet.  I finish with Tamara and get off the phone, and come into the living room.  I find James, seated in the middle of the rug with the big people scissors, and he is cutting apart the 3 $20 bills.  I am not even kidding.  I guess no one ever told him you don't cut money apart.  Right...I was able to tape it back together, but I have not actually tried to use the money anywhere yet, so we'll see. 
James has been big into Scooby Doo for a while.  First of all, why are there so many different Scooby's on now?  It is ridiculous...and on top of that, why in the world is there like an "adult" Scooby doo? I figured out quickly that we wouldn't be watching that one.  ANYWAY, James loves Fred.  And James loves that Fred is always setting a trap.  So, James has now made it his mission in our home to set traps all the time, everywhere. 
This cord below is a trap he had wrapped around the chairs outside until Landon took it down.  Landon has the other end plugged into an outlet (picture under this one), and had his laptop plugged in outside.  I come out on the porch yesterday to find James dipping the end of the plug into his bubble solution - can you say electrocution risk?  Another teaching moment...(and a teaching moment for mom and dad not to leave random things plugged in...)

Alright, here's another trap.
And another one.
Now, this one is pretty elaborate.  A trap and a charging station, says James.  This is two belts wrapped up in the dresser handles and then he brought his bike and put the belt through part of his bike.  He let me know the bike was "charging".  I think he likes electrical stuff...electrical engineer maybe?
The last thing is something dumb I did in Bible study the other night.  I wanted to play the ladies a song that had really been speaking to me.  I had the song on my phone, so I played it from there.  I did it at the end of Bible study and then was going to close us in prayer.  I don't know tons about the music stuff on my phone, but I was afraid another song was going to play.  I was trying to push the pause button and turn the iphone down and push another button just to make sure everything was stopping.  I then start praying, and the first I said was something like, "Father, thank you so much for loving and accepting me with all of my faults and in my sinfulness."  And then, I hear Siri say, "You're welcome" OUT LOUD.  I had accidentally pressed the button for Siri to come on, and when I started praying, she thought I was talking to her.  HA.  It was really funny - and bizarre.
Headed with Landon for him to do a wedding today!  It's a beautiful day here for an outside wedding!   

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