Monday, August 10, 2015

Silas...Son of the Forest - Months 1-5

Well, everyone told me, Siley, that when I had a second child, I wouldn't do the same things as far as picture taking and letter writing as I did with the first child.  I didn't really believe this until it happened to me.  Now that I'm living it, I can see that it's true!!  With Brother and is BUSY around here!!!!  Brother started kindergarten today, and I thought that it would be a great day for me to write a letter to you and begin blogging about your sweet self.  Here you are still in the hospital...what a beautiful baby.  You weighed 8 lbs 3 oz when you were born and were 19.75 inches long.  

We had a pretty rough time when we first brought you home.  You cried and cried and cried.  We thought it was acid reflux, and it was, but we learned at a GI dr. that you had colic.  Oh my goodness!  Your crying was so rough that Daddy and I had to take shifts to take care of you at night.  We were both exhausted.  Thank goodness for help from Grammie (Grammie stayed 3 weeks!), and then Nana coming (for 1 week!).  Look at you at one month - you sure are precious - your 1 month stats were:

Weight: 9 lbs 14.5 oz (43%)
Height: 21.25" (30%)
Head Cir.: 15.5" (65%)

2 Month Stats:
Weight: 11 lbs 6 oz (40%)
Height: 21.5" (8%)
Head Cir.: 15.5" (33%)

4 Month Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz (44%)
Height: 24.5" (33%)
Head Cir.: 16.75" (56%)

We haven't gone for your 6 month check up yet.  It is at the end of this month.  After about 2 months, you became a different baby as your colic subsided.  You are an absolute doll.  The main difference in you and your brother is that you are an EATER.  I mean, Buddy, you like to eat!  You are beginning to be able to sit up and balance on your own just for a few seconds.  You get mad on your back now and crane your neck so hard to be able to try to get up off the floor.  You do flip over lots and are on all fours oooooohhhhh...TRYING to crawl.  Trying so hard!  You try for a while and then get mad.  You are getting the backwards crawl down, but no front crawl yet.  You love James and watch him EVERYWHERE doing EVERYTHING.  He likes to play with you, but he hates spit up and stinky, so that kind of cramps your style of playing sometimes - hinders him being able to touch you that much since you are a big spitter upper.  

You have captured our hearts.  You complete our family.  You are loved more than you could ever imagine.  You are a joy, Sweet Siley, our lil' biscuit.  

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