Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why am I the One SWEATING to Death at Gymboree???

We had a fun time at Gymboree today. I took 3 short videos of James that are SWEET - but a little boring unless you are James' mommy or grandparents :) He did well today at the class since it was a true Level 3 class - only 3 children there today (lots of # 3's in this post...weird), so that was good because James got lots of attention. He has no interest in doing anything on the mat that is organized, really. Although he did enjoy pushing the air tube with the other 2 babies across the floor. He really hates almost anything with that big parachute - which is like the signature Gymboree class item to me. He doesn't want to sit on it while we fan the edges up and down. He doesn't want to ride around in it while I pull him. He doesn't want to sit under it and play peek a boo. He is out. He LOVES shooting balls in the basketball goal. Or not just balls - anything really. We have 2 more weeks of our Groupon deal left to go. I'm hoping Landon can go with us next week or the next so he watch James in action. By the time that class is over, I am SWEATING. Whew! It's a lot of work to try to get your 1 year old baby to participate in organized activites. AND, I forgot my socks today and had to pay $2 for a pair of socks :( James had a great time sliding and going through tunnels, so it was worth it. AND, we ate Chick-Fil-A at the mall afterward and that man is LOVING some Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets - I could not be prouder!!!


  1. i especially like the spontaneous dance moves while he's walking to and fro. he's a chic magnet already. -- steph

  2. Great videos! You are such a sweet mommy :)

  3. James makes GatorPa and Truett Cathy proud! I saw those dance moves, too, and thought he was going to WALK down the slide! What a fun place! I bet BOTH of you needed a long nap when you got home! We miss you! Grammie&GatorPa