Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Plain a Really Good Day

This day hasn't been amazingly exciting, but it's just been good. Landon let me sleep late this morning and took James to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I always miss it if I don't get to go to CB, but the extra sleep was worth it. I slept until 9! When my boys got back home, Landon finished hanging my pictures of James in the guest bedroom. Aren't they beautiful???? I know the pictures I took aren't that great - I could not figure out how to take them without a glare from the light on the glass.

A few days ago we went swimming. James will NEVER wear this hat. He will never wear any hat. Period. I try and try, but pretty much, to no avail. He wore it for a few minutes before we left for the pool, so it cracked me up and I wanted to capture it.

Doing a cool dance move...

Then, this afternoon, Landon had the opportunity to go speak to Ken Aldridge's football team. James and I went along, and after Landon talked to them, we went to eat at the Outback - yum! When we got home, we skyped with my mom for a while :) We've stopped feeding James bottles now (we were down to morning and night but have stopped that), so I let him have some of Mrs. Karen's chocolate cake before he went to bed. 2 pieces later.... he was happy as a clam. Good grief! He loves that cake - but not the icing. Just the cake part.

It's been a good day! James is in bed and now we're catching up on some tv and I'm working on a new project :)

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