Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out, Old Trashcan

Big day at the Frymire's. Couple of incidents - not huge incidents, just regular incidents. I had to go in for a work thing around lunchtime today, so Ms. Karen was coming over to watch James at 10:30am. I worked some this morning, needed to get myself ready, take care of James, get James' stuff ready for while I was gone, etc. It was a busy morning. Ah, but James felt it wasn't busy enough. He's been doing FUNNY stuff lately. A few nights ago he busted in the bathroom while the water was running for his bath and before I could stop him, he threw the Grinch in the bathtub. Apparently, he must've needed a bath. Then, I was cleaning the toilet a couple days ago. I was backed up into the doorway of the toilet room so that he couldn't get in - I was actually trying to hurry and finish up before he could see what I was doing. He presses his body up next to mine like he's trying to get in, but then I realize he's forcing his hand in the crack between my arm and leg where I'm squatted down. He is dropping a bottle of lotion he found through the crack onto the floor by the toilet. He must've thought I needed it in there. So...back to this morning.

Already he got into some Triscuits in the pantry and brought them in the bathroom with one sticking out of his mouth. I told him he could have the triscuit, but we had to leave the bathroom - no eating in the bathroom...gross. He likes to play with the syrup bottle. He eats fruit and two frozen pancakes every morning for breakfast, so he knows about Aunt Jemima. He likes to carry the syrup bottle around with him. BUT, we just got a new one - a jumbo size since he's eating the 2 pancakes every morning - so when he pulled it down off the shelf of the pantry, guess what? It busted on the floor. Oh, it was plastic - and it was just a big crack in it...ne'er the less...friends, it was sticky. I put it most of it in the old, smaller bottle of syrup that was almost gone, and the rest of it is in this tupperware:

It was difficult to get off the floor. I tried several times and still could see a syrup "sheen" on the wood floor. Ah, but before I could really scrub it clean, I decided to take a break and put some makeup on and start getting ready. James played on his own for a little bit and then came to find me. We came back in the kitchen together about 10am to get a snack for him. I walked in and found it. What, you ask? I'll tell you what. Tomatoes. James has been getting in the garbage - I keep telling him yucky and gross, and don't do it. While I was in the bedroom, he pulled out two rotten tomatoes from our garden that I had thrown in the trash. He either tried to eat them or just pulled them apart and mashed them all over the kitchen floor. I did not get a picture. I thought about it...but I was in a hurry. Hence...a need for a new trashcan.

Dear Old White Trashcan,
You are cheap. You are flimsy. You are not getting the job done anymore. Thank you for your service in our home, but your time here is done. I cannot risk my baby touching raw meat in the trashcan. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Welcome, New Trashcan!
You are a delight to me! You have many impressive features. Thank goodness Bed Bath took those expired coupons. I plan to have you for many years. Please, please stick with us. You must be able to win over the baby, though, and if you cannot outsmart him, you will not be able to stay.

I am hopeful because you have a lock.

AND, HAHAHAHAHAHA....(imagine me laughing maniacally....) it has worked so far. I feel like 1% bad that he is confused as to why he can't open it, and I feel like 99% victorious as a parent. HA.

Then a few pictures just playing...

Sweet, sweet smile even though the photographer (me) cut off his head.

Welcome, New Trashcan. You are wanted and loved here.

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