Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall is Coming. I Say IT IS.

Wow.  It's been a busy few days.  I felt like I was in a twilight zone at church last night for some reason.  Just seemed like a lot of chaos.  No one to watch James for a little (which was resolved quickly) bit, 2 dirty diapers in a span of like 5 minutes, a friend having a really difficult time, our GREAT marriage class waiting for was just like I was moving in slow motion.  Weird.  And, btw, Intimate Encounters is going really well.  I am so excited for the couples in our class.  Alright...moving on to more unimportant things.  I decided to start decorating for fall today.  I am sick of summer.  I am thankful the last few days haven't been that hot, and I've been working outside for at least an hour everyday in the flower bed while James plays.  I put these flowers in the door bucket this morning...

Then, I put my fall centerpiece together.  If you think the middle candle looks funny, that's because it does.  One year I put stored it in the attic and it mostly melted :(  I thought about putting it on the table, but with having people over sometimes, James stuff', etc., I thought it was safer on the counter.  I want to do scarecrow setup thing in the front yard, but I'm going to wait a little longer on that one.  These two things today have satisfied my craving for fall for at least a week, I think.

James played great outside today.  He is so funny.  I brought his lawnmower out (thanks Steph) for him to "mow" the grass.  He was hilarious.  But, it didn't occupy him for too long.

Here's the flower bed I'm working on.  Don't judge me.  I feel judged and I haven't even published this post.   I know the flower bed is plain.  We actually just planted all that stuff late in the spring this year.  I think it's doing GREAT - my co-worker/former carpooler/friend, Mariana, and her husband, David, drew us a landscape plan for our front flower bed.  We've planted almost everything, but we do still have a couple of things left to do.  The Bermuda grass has been taking over in there though - there are all these runners, down deep that I keep having to dig down to and then try to pull out by the roots.  Whew, it's a lot of work.  See on the right side all that grass...well, it was over a little farther before I started taking care of it's little runner selves, and I'm getting it under control.  I used to HATE it outside.  I can remember my parents would have to force me with threats of punishment to get me to come out into the yard and help with anything.  So now, I'm a little better about it.  Especially with James wanting to come outside, it just seems like it gives me something productive to do when I'm not playing with him or telling him to get away from the road, or telling him not to stick his finger in that sprinkler thing because there are most likely black widows in there.  Good times.  I also miracle grow-d the shrubs today.  Those things better be beastly in a couple of weeks.

One funny story.  Every time we come outside, I lock the front door.  Anyone who knows me would probably not think this is a surprise.  So then, I have the key.  Well, usually I put it in the wagon on the porch - or somewhere else, but I'm just saying it's sitting around somewhere.  Well, good ole' James.  That bro just cannot let it go.  He ALWAYS gets the key and carries it around the entire yard.  He likes to slide it down the slide, and just generally make it his bff while we are out.  I am worried he's going to drop the key one day and then we'll be searching the entire yard and not be able to find it, and then because I am a maniac, this would cause us to have to have all locks changed.  Anyway, I thought this picture of him holding this key truly captures what it's like to be outside.  Aside from the fact that he whines a lot of the time because he wants me to open my bottle of water for him (oh friends, he has his own ice water) so that he can pour it out in the yard and then try to put the cap on and off 100 times :)  He is busy.

Which reminds me.  The other night, Landon let James play with his phone.  After James was in bed, we were on an all out hunt for that phone.  Could not find it anywhere.  James likes to stick things behind the couch cushions.  Know what we did find?  Landon comes into the kitchen with a rotten tomato that he's found in the couch cushion.  Guess he was saving me a snack for later - how sweet :)

I love my boys.  Heading to Athens tonight for Landon to visit the hospital and going to eat together somewhere fun!  First Gator game this weekend - yay!!!

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