Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Here's my friend, James, last night before we left for church.  He was looking so cute in his jeans and close toed shoes!!!  Fall is coming!

This man has been very busy today.  He started out the day by pulling most of his stuff out of the three drawers that are open.

We went outside for a while, and I finally took pictures of my mums.  I'm hoping they will get bigger than they are now so that they'll be more noticeable.  I fertilized all the shrubs and flowers while James played with his lawnmower, wagon, and t ball stuff...and ran around the yard numerous times. 

So, I'd been wanting to take his picture with his new swing!  Yay for Daddy for putting the swing up!!  We did swing for a while this morning, but then once I got the camera out...James wanted NOTHING to do with it.  Just wanted to capture his face below...

Still no bottom molars.  Still fussiness.  Still Tylenol.  Still surviving.  Still thankful to have a healthy baby who is doing normal stuff like getting teeth.  :)  Oh, and remember yesterday how I asked for prayer for the couple I was hoping would return to Intimate Encounters. Well, guess what?  They came!!!  And, a new couple may be joining us for our class!  Awesome, huh? 

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  1. aww...he likes playing with his mower. soon he'll be pulling weeds for you and really mowing the grass. (steph)