Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too Much Excedrin = Insomia & A Weekend Update

Well, I can't these pictures to be whatever...I'll just leave them however they fall (left, centered, right...)  Strange.  So, I got it.  I got the book.  I found it on and ordered it a couple of weeks ago.  I wasn't sure if it was going to come, but it FINALLY came yesterday.  James kept shutting it over and over and didn't even care, but oh, I will help him care about Oscar and "What a Dump" again.  Don't you worry.  I searched for this book.  This is technically the third copy of Elmo Loves You we have had in our home.  But, it's the only complete copy - the one that has ALL the pages and includes the Oscar page.  Mommy gets the victory!!!  You can see the special page below :)  And, we got to see what the next page is with Big Bird in the pool - that one was missing out of our first copy.

Ha, I cannot get this picture to move to the center.  Oscar must be wanting me to "Scram" and go to bed so he's uncooperative about moving.  Okay, Oscar, then stay to the right.
Here's James yesterday before the Gator game.  After a lunch of ravioli we had to change the first gator outfit and move to the second.  So, Steph, if you thought those orange shorts were chillin' shorts, check these out :)  These crack me up, a lot.  And, yes if you were wondering, James has a toothbrush in his mouth.  Don't worry, it's a safe toothbrush - the handle makes a circle where the baby can't choke on it.  He's been pretty excited about his teeth lately and brushing them.  I was cleaning the high chair with a toothbrush in all the cracks and he freaked out and wanted to brush his teeth with the cleaning toothbrush.  So, I could not get him to forget about it and finally just gave him his own toothbrush.  He was happy as could be.
 We had a great day today.  Landon did a great job today.  I got the opportunity to play the piano while Steven played the guitar today - we appreciate him helping us so much with the music lately.  We had a wonderful service this morning - just remembering 09/11 - it was emotional and touching...then at the end, Eric sang I Will Rise - holy good night good grief it was awesome.  I thought I was being transported to heaven!  And it's been a while since I felt that way.  so thankful for Eric and Kelli and their great talents and friendship.  Maybe I'll try to go to bed now.  Shouldn't have had those Excedrin earlier...everyone is in bed asleep but me, and James will be calling early tomorrow :)  It's a big week this week!  Lunch with a friend I'd like to get to know better, a special date with Lan, and Lan's parents coming into town!  YAY!  Lots to be thankful for today. 

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