Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Go, Gators!

Landon got up with James this morning and took him to breakfast at McDonald's.  I was so thankful!  Except, you just must know, that "getting up" with James actually means me saying to Landon, "Okay, he's awake" when I hear him fussing in his crib, and then Landon bringing him in to our room, and me watching him in the bed with me for the next 30 minutes while Landon goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, brushes his hair, washes his face, gets ready to go...ah, the life of a daddy :)  The difference is that on the mornings I get James, I hear him fussing, I go to the bathroom - because that is a necessity - and then I get that baby!  The teeth get brushed when the get brushed.  Usually about 10 am :)  I am not being ungrateful, I'm simply pointing out the differences in a momma and a daddy.  This cracks me up each week.  I enjoy James crawling all over me on my "sleep in" morning, so I don't really mind. 

Landon is planning to smoke something today - ha, let me clarify.  His dad was getting rid of a smoker to smoke meats or whatever, and asked Landon if he wanted it.  Landon did want it, so they brought it last time they came.  Today he is smoking something in it for the first time - beef brisket (is that how to spell it?).  Exciting. 

Oh, wait.  We had an interesting night last night.  Landon went yesterday afternoon and spoke to Blake Murphy's team at Hebron.  James and I went along.  After Landon finished we went to the mall and played and walked around, ate in the food court, got Krispy Kreme, and then decided to go back to Hebron to watch a little of the football game.  Let me be clear.  I understand that actually means Landon will watch the football game and I will handle James.  Landon was GREAT watching him though before the game started.  He showed him everything around the field and they walked and walked and walked around.  We knew we would just be able to stay for a little bit of the game.  Sure enough, it was too crazy, so I took James out to play in the front lawn in front of one of the school buildings.  Landon came to find us around the end of the 1st quarter.  And then the fun began.  Landon had, on purpose - because he is one smart joker - gotten us to the game early to find a great parking place.  He parked us right at an exit, where the only way we'd get blocked in was if someone pulled in the completely wrong way and totally blocked the exit for everyone.  Guess what?  That's what happened.  So, for the next 30 minutes or so, with all the windows rolled down, I ran from the front to the back of the car trying to help Landon back out then pull up then back up then pull up - a zillion times.  A couple times we thought we were completely stuck - it was a nightmare.  Thank goodness we had our Gator DVD in for James so he was quiet.  It was STRESSFUL.  But, very funny in the end since we actually got out of there.  I've always known Landon is a really good driver, but watching him in action last night with that parking situation gave me a whole new appreciation for him.  He was awesome.  ALRIGHT...on to today (even though I started this post talking about today).

James is ready for the Gators - I couldn't get any smiles, but I wanted to capture his outfit today. 

We're ready to cheer on those Gators tonight!  And, I cannot wait for church tomorrow.  Landon's sermon is going to be awesome, plus the music is going to be good, plus it's Sep 11 anniversary and the service is going to be special anyway.  I can't wait!!!!!  I invited a lady to church yesterday at the public library story time with James  - please pray Jennifer and her little girl Cayden (not sure about the spelling) join us for church soon!!!!  

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  1. Dude - I love James' chillin shorts
    (uh, you know it's me)