Monday, May 17, 2010

Shower #2 - Bethabra - Pictures Part 1

I had my second shower yesterday afternoon at the church. GOOD GRIEF!! There were so many great ladies there, and I got so much for James!! I have a few pictures, but then Jeanette took over with the pictures on her camera for me, so I'll post them later in the week when I get them. It was amazing - I do not cease to be amazed by how they do stuff here at this church. Every event I have ever been to has been FABULOUS and FIRST CLASS. There are some seriously talented ladies here! are a few pictures....

The gift table when I arrived...
The diaper cake Jeanette made for me. Is this great or what? Ya'll, I have gotten two diaper cakes!!! They have both been awesome! Do I have some talented friends, or what???? Jeanette did such an amazing job on this...and I know it took HOURS! I hate to take it apart!
Cupcakes from the food table :)
Okay, so Ms. Karen made the cakes for the shower. That's right, I said cakes with an s. She made a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake just in case (no I am not kidding). They were both DELICIOUS. I didn't realize she could bake like this (probably everyone else knew, but I didn't know yet). Isn't this the sweetest cake ever???? I have the leftovers at home to freeze!!
Hershey kisses say "It's a boy"
Plates and napkins....
And, Landon and me before the shower. He didn't stay during the shower, but he did come in at the beginning and at the end. AND, even though he was really tired when we got home last night, he let me show him all James' gifts :)
These Bethabra ladies beat all I've ever seen! They are amazing!!!!! More pictures to come later in the week!

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