Monday, May 17, 2010

Mayfield Dairy Tour

We took the Mayfield Dairy Tour on Saturday. It was fun, but not too much fun. Mainly, it was just fun to do something FREE and brainless on a Saturday afternoon. It took about 30 minutes (if that). Here's me before the tour with the Aero-vac. Mayfield is apparently the only dairy company that uses this technology - gets all the onion taste or weird smells out of the milk. But, I've actually heard since I told people that we took this tour that one of the Mayfield cousins (or maybe brothers) went to work at the Publix dairy nearby, and that they use something almost just like this aero-vac, so basically Publix milk should taste just as good as Mayfield milk. Interesting, huh?

After my photo op with the aero-vac, we watched a 10 minute film on how the milk is made. Then, we all put on hairnets and put our cameras up.
We proceeded back to the part of the tour behind the double doors where no pictures are allowed and hairnets are a must. We watched the milk on the assembly line, and we learned that the dairy also packages milk for other places (like Wal-Mart), but they don't use their special aero-vac technology for them :) After the tour, you can buy ice cream and sit outside and eat it. It wasn't that expensive, but we decided not to get any. We did both agree though, that if we had brought a child here, we definitely would have gotten the ice cream and all eaten it together outside. I mean, hello, that would be cruel to take a kid on a special tour of the Mayfield Dairy and then not get ice cream. We didn't care though - just wanted to point out we won't be cruel parents. Here's Landon....

Here's a picture of the front of the building - you can sit outside and eat your ice cream here.
Here's a Mayfield truck rolling in as we were leaving.
And, a better picture of the front.
I'm glad we took the tour because I love tours...and now I want to see if we can tour the Publix place in Dacula where they process all their freezer stuff. I will be checking that out this week in my spare time between commuting, working a full time job, thinking about packing my hospital bag, writing thank you notes, checking out a pediatrician....more stuff but I can't think right now...

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