Monday, May 31, 2010

What We've Been Up To

It's been busy times around the Frymire household. I thought all the changes would come when James was actually born, but I can see now that I was dead wrong. Slowly, during the pregnancy, things have changed more and more and more...and now we're just like in some kind of twilight zone of bizarreness and change. And mainly busy-ness trying to get ready for his arrival. Between trying to get things ready at work and trying to get things ready at home - it is very stressful. BUT, this weekend we got everything ready at home! Since today was Memorial Day and I was off...we finished just about every single thing up that we had to do. Now, we can just wait for James' arrival! Here's what we've been doing the past couple of weeks!

Daddy and Momma came last weekend (the 22nd and 23rd) to visit. It happened to be when the glider Granny and Richard gave us came and the travel system our other Winter Haven family went in together to buy. Here's Dad helping Landon with the glider:
Now, here's Landon putting together the travel system...I think I look like kind of Chinese-ish on the chair over there, but whatever, it's okay. I know I have small eyes and cliff eyebrows :) I LOVE the travel system!!!!! I am so glad we registered for this travel system. Actually, today we installed the car seat in the car and will take it to the police station so they can check it for us. I love it!
Here we are after Landon put together the travel system and glider....
Alright! So, as of tonight, James' room is ready! Our bag is packed, and the carseat is installed (hopefully correctly...). Here are the pictures of James' room. Right when you walk in the door...
Between the closet and bathroom....look at all his books!!!!
I wanted to do an arrangement of pictures on the wall - good grief, did you know they sell arrangements where you just buy the whole arrangement??!! Yeah, easy!! So, the only small picture I lack is one I need of Landon's parents. The two biggest pictures will be of James by himself and then one of the 3 of us. Our new family :)
Here's a view of the changing table/dresser.'s my favorite wall...the crib...and the wall sticker - James 1:17 - it is so pretty!
And, a view from further back of the crib and glider.

I am SO HAPPY we got so much accomplished this weekend. Landon is a good husband! James should have 5 more weeks before making his appearance. Officially, this weekend, I am over it. I am over the pregnancy thing. I am ready for him to get out - I mean, I don't think I can take this another 5 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I will take it, and I was James to be healthy, healthy, healthy, so I'll do whatever it takes - it's just official now - no matter what's coming with labor and delivery and bringing him home and getting it figured out here - whatever - I would rather tackle those things than walk around like this any longer! Yikes! I am large and very uncomfortable...but still doing great and very thankful for James hanging in!!!

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