Friday, May 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Children's Books

I have not participated in a Show Us Your Life Friday on Kelly's Korner in a LONG TIME. I mean a seriously long time. It just has seemed like I've been so busy (because I have), and the topics were not anything that I was dying to sacrifice time and post something. BUT TODAY, I must put in my two cents. I love to read. I have always loved to read. I can remember when I was little, Momma taking me to the public library once a week, I guess, and picking out book after book after book to read. The town we lived in has the oldest library in Florida, so you can only imagine how it smelled in there - like old, old books - it was great. They even had this really old record player thing - is it called a phonograph? - that they would sometimes play for us when we came in. ANYWAY, the point is that I have always loved books. Now that I am pregnant, I am beyond excited about reading to James when he arrives. I really wanted to have a book shower, but I knew that since this is our first baby, we just need so much! I couldn't sacrifice the real needs for a for one of my showers, my friends put this on the invitation:

One small request that won't be too hard
Please bring a book instead of a card.
Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh
You can sign the inside cover with a note from you.

Isn't this great??!! So my friends were so smart to know I couldn't afford to give up the stuff we really need for James, but instead of bringing a card, the guests can bring a book!!! Alright, alright, let me get to the children's books I love....

This first one was not around when I was born (as far as I know). But, it's one I've read before, and one I can't wait to read to James.
Just listen to some of the words....and look at sweet James' picture:

"On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "Life will never be the same." Because there had never been anyone like you...ever in the world."
"Not once had there been such eyes, such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes."
"Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born."

Okay, well, let me stop crying so I can move on to the next book. I haven't even really seen James yet...but in 8 weeks, hopefully, we'll get to see our sweet baby.

Well, if you know me, you should know I can't get through this without putting something for the Gators in. We've already beeing playing our Gator songs for James, and I know he's soaking them up. Again, this book wasn't around when I was a kid, but it will be for James. This will be a very important book in our family.
Now, on to some of my childhood favorites. I think my very favorite I can think of is Miss Twiggly's Tree. It's about a lady who lives in a tree, and a hurricane comes. Although she doesn't like bears and some other animals, she lets them come and stay in her tree while the storm rages. My favorite line is "I believe we are in for a wild hurricane." When Katrina hit, I kept thinking about this book and wanting to say it over and over again. I love this book so much that a couple of times I've made Landon listen and watch while I read it just so I could read it to someone.

Miss Nelson books are some of my very favorites. Miss Nelson is a really sweet teacher, but sometimes she has to come in really mean with a different look.

Madeline books were also some I distinctly remember. it's something like "in the house on the corner, and they all walked in straight lines..." uh, obviously that's not exactly right, but it's something like that. And, the little girl had red hair, so duh, I thought she was great.

Okay, this book just is interesting to me. I really loved this book when I was little - I don't even know if we still have it now at my parent's house. I can't remember all about what's inside, but the little girl wears a muff and goes shopping. I think this book is really cool, and the other day I was looking to see if I could buy my own copy (like I did with Miss Twiggly). Guess what? This book is considered an antique and was over $50!!

Ah, and I did love some Amelia Bedelia. No explanation necessary for her.

Berenstain Bears top the charts for me, as well. I had a bunch of their books - my favorite was probably the one about the spooky old tree, but I remember this one too.

OKAY!! I know, I know, that's enough! There are a ton more I could put down, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some book that I loved more than any of these!! I remember my sister's two favorite books were "The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash" and "For Every Child a Better World". HA.
Happy Friday! Landon's taking me for the Mayfield Dairy Tour tomorrow. I am super excited because I love tours (like an old person) and I love ice cream. We have no company this weekend! YAY!! I have my Bethabra baby shower on Sunday afternoon, and I am so excited about it. I am so, so glad today is Friday. I am ready for a commute free weekend!


  1. Madeline, Amelia Bedelia and Berenstain Bears were favorites of mine as a child, too. My daughter enjoys them as well.

  2. Berenstein Bears bring back lots of memories for me! Nice to meet you!

  3. Great selection of books here! I have never heard of 'On the Night you Were Born' but I want to go look through it! That would make a good baby gift :) Thanks for posting!

  4. Great picks...I'm going to have to look up Miss Twiggly's Tree now!

  5. Bethany, I was crying when I read those words from the book too. Never heard of it. Gotta get it. Here are some really fun titles that I read to Taylor, Caleb, and now Levi: "No More Water in the Tub", "The Secret Shortcut", "Pigsty", "The Stinky Cheese Man", "The Big Bad Pig and The Three Little Wolves", "Anika's Secret Wish". Well, I could go on and on too. Let me know if you need more recommendations!