Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 1 Month Birthday, James!

Dear James,
Look at how cute you are!
You are now 1 month old! Can you believe it? I cannot believe it. It seems like this month has flown by. In some ways, I'm thankful you are getting older because it means you will be sleeping longer and longer throughout the night...but in other ways, it makes me sad because just like everyone has said, I'm trying to cherish these days when you are so new and tiny. You started out at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 1/2 inches long....and last week at your month appointment we found out that you are now 8 lbs 9 1/2 oz and 21 1/2 inches long! Boy, you have grown this month!
You are cracking us up with your faces. You have the sweetest little mouth! And, you make the funniest faces - the way you put your lips together while you are going to the bathroom cracks us up. I never thought watching a baby's every move 24 hours a day could be so fascinating. Even though I'll be glad to get more sleep, I'm always so glad to see your sweet little face in the middle of the night when I come in your room.
Things to note about your first month of life:
- You are very strong. In one of the first nights you were home from the hospital, you halfway rolled over in the Pack n Play and I had to call the pediatrician to find out what to do - they didn't believe me! Then, just a few days ago, you rolled over 3 times from your tummy to your back on the floor! We got it on video so now people will believe us! And, when you are on your stomach for "tummy time", look at how strong your head is!
- You pee all over everything - just today I heard a funny noise while I was changing your diaper and you were peeing over your shoulder on all the empty boxes of wipes piled in the corner! Oh well, at least it wasn't your face. I've gotten at least skilled enough so you don't go in your face or in your ear! I will be very excited when we get through one night where I get you out of your crib and your back is not wet.
- You are starting to coo in a higher pitched voice and you are grunting a lot. This cracks me up.
- You've slept 5 hours two nights, and it happened about a week ago. Since then, nope, no way. It hasn't happened. I don't know why....I don't know what the magic of that night was, but I so want to recreate it.
- You really like light. You always stare toward windows, and you like it when you can stare up at the light in the living room.
- You sort of like baths. You like your luve since it keeps you warm. You really like to try to eat the water and suck the soap off your hands...but you hate getting out of the bathtub. We try to get you dried off really quickly, but to no avail. You pretty much freak out every single night while we dry you off.
- We are trying to let you soothe yourself to sleep. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.
- You've had some acid reflux issues, so you are now taking Zantac to help with it. I'm not really sure how much it is helping, but hopefully it will keep getting better.
- You are really staring at us now. I think you definitely recognize our faces and voices. You are starting to bat at objects and toys we show you. You will even grab something just for a few seconds and then let it go.
- Daddy loves to play with you, but I think he overstimulates you because he is so fun. He likes to talk to you in all kinds of different voices, and he kisses you all over your face! I know you can't show it yet, but you are excited when he comes home because you know the fun is about to begin. He is a very, very good daddy.
- You like the pacifier, but you don't know how to control it yet. I'm hoping this will come very soon...
- You've been to Cracker Barrel and Sonny's - our favorites. You have not been to church yet. We'll wait one more month before taking you to Bethabra. We miss going with Daddy on Sundays though!All in all, our lives have really changed since you came! We are amazed at how you are changing every single day. We are learning as we go...and although sometimes I don't think I'm doing a very good job, know this, no mommy could love you as much as I love you! Most nights when I'm in your room feeding you in the middle of the night, I spend time praying for you (when I'm not accidentally falling asleep). I pray for everything about you - even your future wife, and that you will know exactly what God wants you to do with your life (no pressure, huh?). You are our greatest blessing!

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