Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on Life

I'm finding that every single thing I do now, I'm hurrying as fast as I can to do it. Whatever it is. Showering, paying bills, getting something to drink, blogging...whatever. Time is always running out. So...just wanted to give a quick update. Things are good. I think the Prevacid is working much better than the other medicine - I still don't think things are perfect, but they are good. James spit up through his nose last night - which was very scary to me. I think I am an overreactor, and maybe Landon tries to be an underreactor to balance me :) It scared me to death! He was snorting and seemed like he couldn't breathe very well, and I did not like it at all. If I had been here alone I might have taken him to an emergency room - ha - even though when I looked it up on the internet, it's very common for babies to spit up through their noses sometimes.

Other than the spit up through nose situation, James is good and just growing fast. I don't think he is a very content baby though. In each 3 hour cycle during the day, I probably get 10 minutes that he is just content to play with his infant gym or sit in my lap and look at a book. Usually he is either eating or sleeping or fussing because he wants to do one of those things. He keeps me busy, for sure. Mandy suggested I try Baby Einstein DVD's and so we bought 3 of them for really cheap on ebay last night. He is sleeping about 5 hours at night probably 3/4 of the time. We had a couple of rough nights a few nights ago, but then last night he slept 5 hours, so that was great! And, last night he went right back to sleep after I fed him after the 5 hours. He is getting bigger and bigger, and cuter and cuter!!

The first week we had him home, we took him to have his pictures made with our new photographer, Rene Lowrance. She was fantastic! We love to use Joy Wilson, a friend of mine since we moved to Woodstock, but since she's in Nashville, I was worried about how it was going to work trying to get her back here to take the pictures on demand when he came! Rene was recommended to me by Mandy, and she did an awesome job! The only thing is that you don't get a CD with the images...which I always want. So, I'm hoping Joy might offer something like that sometime this year when she's home in Atlanta, and we could get some pictures that we could actually have the CD of. ANYWAY, I've wanted to talk about Rene's pictures, but I wasn't sure how to show them without doing something I wasn't supposed to do - like taking screenshots and posting them - so I decided to do this. I went and picked up the prints yesterday that I ordered from her. I put most of them in frames last night, and so I took pictures of them in the frames so I could show them on here - I hope that's okay!
Aren't they sweet???

You can see where I need to use the goo be gone stuff to get the yuck off the frames still. I'm so excited about these pictures - they are gorgeous!!! :) Both Joy and Rene have done such awesome jobs taking pictures of our family! Rene's website is here and Joy's website is here.
Alright, some updated pictures of Baby James. It feels like he's all I'm talking about on here (because that's true), but that's just what life is right now. I know I'll have some other things to report on soon...but for now...this is it...

One note about the picture below. James LOVES his changing table in his room. He is the happiest and most fun when he is on that changing pad. He talks up a storm and just smiles and plays on there - it is the funniest thing. Aren't these pj's cute?? I love it when babies where animal outfits and they have footsies :) Yikes, I can hardly stand it!!!

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