Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reflux Update

So, we went to the doctor yesterday to see how James is doing - oh no, not for his two month appointment, just for a reflux appointment. Our dr. wanted to make sure he was gaining weight and doing well. I told her over the phone that we felt like he was growing great, and gaining plenty of weight, but she said she just wanted to lay eyes on him herself. Isn't that a good dr.? She has called us several times the last few days to check different things about James - I'm so happy we chose the pediatrician office we did and Dr. Evans! She told us to put the cereal in all of his meals, one tsp per with the pumping and bottle making... He weighed 10 lbs 3 oz, so obviously, he's gaining great weight. She was really happy with that. She up'd his dosage of Prevacid to twice a day. He has been pretty great since then - she helped us with the nipple problem too - remember, Slow flow was crazy too slow...frustrating...but Fast flow was crazy too fast...also frustrating and scary. So, she told us to try Stage 2 and the Y cut for cereal. The Y cut we bought for our playtex drop ins, but they were terrible - didn't work at all. We bought Stage 2 for our Dr. Brown bottles...and they are the JACKPOT. They are great! Fast enough flow that he can get it out, but slow enough that he doesn't choke. I want to try the playtex Stage 2 now, instead of the cereal ones that didn't really work. So, I think we're on track pretty well. We go in a little over a week for his 2 month check up.

Today we went to meet Cliff, April, Mac, Sydney, and Emma Kate for lunch at OK Cafe. Um, can I just mention again it's one of my favorite eating places? Vegetable is good. Alright! I'm doing RB&Co. work so I gotta get back to it, but just wanted to update on things. Here are a few pictures too :)
Landon cleaned out the car yesterday morning. James went with him out there since it wasn't hot yet. I don't know why it cracks me up, but it just does. James just sat there and looked around while Lan worked. Don't you think that's funny? It's like he's with us all the time, just doing normal stuff - ha. He's our baby - ha.

And, we got some Gator onesies for him - which are already a little tight.... but here's the first one he's worn. We've been prepping him for football season - you know, playing the fight song, etc. Now that these NFL preseason games have been on, I've even heard Landon telling him what players are former Gators.

Okay - happy weekend!

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