Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Still Exist!

I feel like since James was born, I have NO pictures of us together! I am always taking the pictures of him with someone else or alone, and since we mostly stay at home, I never have on picture worthy clothes. BUT, this past Sunday when my parents were in town was James' first Sunday at church. It was a big day because Landon and I were sharing our testimony during the service, my parents were here, and it was James' first day. Thank goodness my parents sat with him in the back during the service so I could focus with Landon on what we were doing. It was so difficult to take him to church. I was completely exhausted on Sunday night - and he had not slept AT ALL Sunday during the day - he was exhausted, too! I know we'll get in a routine of things, but it was a tough day. It was great to be back and see everyone, but I am just so worried about James being around people - I know it has to happen sooner or later, and most people are great about knowing not to get in his face, etc., but there are still some who don't realize, and that is tough. The new momma part of me wants to never take him anywhere in public and keep a blanket over his carrier all the time where no one can even see him! BUT, I know I can't do that...unfortunately. Anyway, here are two pictures (that are almost exactly the same) of James and me Sunday morning before we left - ha, his face is funny in both pictures. We just didn't have time to keep taking them and wait for a normal one :)

Then, here are a couple of James by himself. Ya'll, he is so cute.

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