Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Like Old Times...

I'm posting about something dumb! ha. Now I just post about James, but I actually have something fun and thoughtless to post don't know. I may be a mom now, but I haven't changed THAT much :)

We frequent Costco a lot. I mean, a lot. So much that Landon wanted us to become Executive members. And, the people finally harassed the mess out of us enough that we did. I ok'd it because I was tired of fighting against them...and Landon...because he wanted to be an executive member. Anyway, we love to go to Costco on dates. We love to buy things there - mainly because we know we're getting a deal...always. We also love to eat there. Hot dog and a coke for $1.60 my friend - you know you cannot beat that. I also love to eat pizza there, and they have great frozen yogurt, and a really great ice cream bar with chocolate around it (I can't remember what that's called). The only problem with Costco is....(except that the bathrooms are disgusting)...there's no mayonnaise. "For what???" you may ask. Well, both Landon and I eat mayonnaise on our hot dogs. Isn't that weird? I know it's weird to eat mayonnaise on your hot dog. I don't know why I do, I just do. And so does Landon. We were meant to be. Well, mayo on the hot dog is not a deal breaker for me - I'm saying if I go to Costco and I want a hot dog, I'll go ahead and get one - I don't care if they don't have mayo. Landon, however, will not do it. So...we have done several things about this. We have stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way to Costco so he could run in and get a mayonnaise packet. We have brought our own mayonnaise from home (many times) in a ziploc bag which he stuffs into part of the air condition vent in the car on the way so it stays cold. This last time we went, a few nights ago, he saw a big tub of mayo behind the counter when he was ordering. He asked the girl about it. Well, apparently, that is for the turkey wraps - they cannot give it out to customers or they get into trouble. So, Landon has had enough of no mayo at Costco. He cannot stand that we absolutely LOVE everything about that place...except no mayo. Unacceptable.'s what I captured.

Landon, telling them what he thinks about no mayonnaise. This was not an ugly telling them what he thinks, just simply a great customer, nay, nay, an excecutive member, telling them what his specific food needs and wants are. We'll see what happens. Do you see mayonnaise in his future? Here's what James was doing while Landon was over there.

I tried to get him to look up at me, but he wouldn't. He was like in and out of sleep. I had him in the carrier in the big part of the cart, and had tried to pull the shade down and turn him toward me. BUT, of course, someone I didn't even know busted up there and stuck her head way down close to him and started talking about how "new" he was. Well, my new friend, if he is so new...perhaps strangers should not be so close to his FACE. I know she meant well, and just wanted to tell us what a precious baby we have. I know we do :) And, on some level, I can appreciate that, but on another level...uh, please back up. Can't you see I'm trying to hide him as much as I can from the public??
One more thing. I can't remember if I posted about this a long time ago (although I think I did), but I was reminded of being at Costco with Eric and Kelli one time. We were there, and E was getting his drink. When he came to the table he said the ice was out at the machine, but that there was a lady getting her ice from the ice people had dumped into the bottom part underneath where you get the drinks...I'm saying the TRASH ICE. Can you believe that??? I think about that almost every time I am getting a drink! Yikes that is gross!
I'm hoping we're going to buy a fake tree from Costco at Christmas. That's what I want to use our reward money for. I have really wanted a fake tree for several years now, but they are always so expensive because I want a nice one. Anyway, I really, really want the Costco one - it is BEAUTIFUL. This is it. This year we're getting it...hopefully.


  1. i've always eaten mayo on my hot dogs. i never thought that might be considered weird, until now. -- steph

  2. Me too, maybe everyone else is weird.