Saturday, September 4, 2010

All Poop - NO Pictures

Well, my friends, the first Gator game was today. Exciting? Yes. Very. Olivia and Bryan are spending the weekend with us so we've had a great time with them. We got up this morning and had breakfast casserole Olivia cooked for us - yum. We had hot dogs and stuff for lunch. Fun. That is not why I'm writing though. Oh, I had hoped for a Gator family picture. Oh, I had hoped for a picture of James in his Gator outfit on the first gameday. But, alas. No. I do not have any pictures to share. Yesterday, as true Gators know, was the day before game day and you should wear your colors. So, for a while yesterday, James wore a Gator onesie he has that is SUPER CUTE. Well, he wore it until he pooped on it. (I am sorry to talk about poop - normally, I do not, but this is my life right now, and I must keep it real). So, that was done. Then, this morning, I put another Gator onesie on him. A really cute - I mean, super cute for the actual game day! Well, he pooped on that one. So, I had another Gator outfit to put on him, and he has now spit up all over that one. So, for some reason, today, a picture of James in a Gator outfit is just not meant to be. Does that mean the Gators played like poop? Sort of they did. But, we still love them, and they still won :) There's always next week...that will give me time to do laundry and start all over with the outfits....since we started the rice cereal...we have much more serious business going on. GO GATORS...but not go poop.

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  1. Maybe James does not like the Blue & Orange?