Thursday, July 25, 2013

10th Anniversary - Gatlinburg

We had a really great trip. 

When we arrived in Pigeon Forge Sunday night, I felt really strange.  Like I wasn't supposed to be away from James and like I was a bad mom.  We just had friends who left their kids to go on a cruise, and I encouraged them and told them, "YEAH! GO! You need to get away!!" And even though I know that, it still felt like I shouldn't.  After crying about it a little it and sleeping Sunday night, I was good :) 

Here's our sweet cabin:

We spent most of our time sleeping, resting, and watching Law & Order SVU reruns on Netflix.  I am a serious Benson & Stabler fan.  However, it could have made me highly paranoid, but in typical Bethany fashion, I did have one slight freak out night where I insisted someone was breaking in and made Landon get the gun.  He got it, but then had to wait for me to go to the bathroom before he could go investigate the "situation", and by the time I finished and made it back to the bed, he was back asleep.  I said, "Where is the gun?  On your nightstand?"  He said, "I don't have a nightstand.  It's under my pillow."  I said, "WHAT?  Is it loaded?"  "Of course it's loaded," he said, "what do you think I am going to tell the robber to count to 30 before you bust in here???"  He eventually told me there was no bullet in the chamber which made me feel a little better, but it was basically a rough night.  I am weird like that and every once in a while have to have a small freak out about something.  Could be too many SVU's that evening. 

We talked about going to a show.  We didn't.  We talked about walking on a trail.  I forgot my big tennis shoes.  So.  We rested. And tried to beat each other in Subway Surfer (I'm winning still, by the way).  And talked - a lot.  And discussed some Bible stuff.  And slept.  And basically, just hung out and did whatever we wanted to whenever we wanted to for three full days. It was pretty awesome. Landon was in his batman snuggie and he put all the snacks on the table behind the couch. The cabin even had a Keurig, so I was all set.

We ate at the Old Mill - one of my favorites, and then I got to go to the Peddler for the first time!  Here's what I thought.  The steak - not good enough to be as expensive as it was.  The atmosphere was awesome, and everything else I ate was awesome.  I definitely want to keep going back, but I won't get a steak anymore.  We sat right on the river and it was beautiful.  A great place. 

 Here's what I wanted to do after our Peddler dinner...ride this!  I loved it - I'm not a huge heights lover, but this was great!  After it was over, I asked Landon why he didn't put his arm around me on the way down because it was romantic, but he said it was because he was scared and had to hold on with both hands.  True.

Krista bought me this owl cup in Destin before I came to Gatlinburg.  I took it as my trip cup.  Anyone who knows me well knows that when I finished taking a test in college, I bought myself a new cup for a reward.  I sort of have a cup problem.  Mugs, glasses, plastic cups - you name it.

 And, here's James.  He was livin' the good life with Grammie while we were gone.

It was a wonderful trip.  We are really blessed, and we know it.  We've been through some pretty significant challenges - especially our first 4 years.  Now we are at Bethabra, we have James, and although there are many challenges in those things, God has blessed us beyond belief.  I'm so thankful for the life partner God had for me in Landon, and I pray the next 10 years will bring great fun and excitement and deeper friendship as we grow closer in every way!

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