Thursday, July 4, 2013

Whew, it's been WILDLY busy!

Boy, I was doing great with my little updates and then...V B S.  No need to say more.  It was a wild and busy week - and a wonderful one!  We had lots of children - lots of new children we'd never met - and an awesome carnival on Friday night. 
Confession time.  You know the baskets outside on the back deck that I have hanging up?  I have been pretty proud that I've kept those alive. Well, there are birds everywhere around here (uh, not as much as at my parent's house which sounds like some kind of bird sanctuary), but lots of birds, nonetheless.  I noticed they were tweeting like crazy and carrying twigs into one of my pots.  So, I went out there and took it all out.  I couldn't have them building a nest in a pot so that I couldn't water and fertilize the flowers!  Well, a few days later...I was TOO late.  They had already chosen another pot and there were already eggs in it :(  Well, you know I had to leave them.  I don't particularly like birds, so I hate that every single time I walk out the back door, birds are flying out of that pot and scaring me to death.  Birds are very unpredictable, and basically, my mental state just can't handle that.  So, the eggs hatched, the babies are growing, and once a week, I pull them down and try to water around them in the pot.  I am really hoping they are growing up fast and will leave soon (wow, I am such an animal lover).  BUT, then I noticed that those birds are carrying more twigs into another pot, and basically, I've just let them beat me.  Whatever.  Take over my whole porch.  I can't handle it.
 So, VBS was great.  We had crazy hair day, wacky tourist day, and more I can't remember - all for Colossal Coaster World.  James had a great time this year in his class and seemed so excited to go every day.  One day we got to lunch after VBS and Landon asked James to pray.  James said, "No, Daddy.  I already pray to Jesus today."  Like, yikes, I've had enough of Jesus today and I cannot pray.  I thought it was hilarious :)

 We had the carnival on Friday night with tons of jumpies and a train.  The kids had an awesome time, and as I looked around that night, I just felt like it was a glimpse of what I pray will continue at Bethabra - families coming together and having fun and growing together...I think sometimes God gives us a glimpse of what's happening and to come and just sustains us to keep on keeping on!!!!  It was wonderful!

 James finished swimming lessons this past Saturday - thank goodness, before I completely lost my mind - ha.  He did GREAT!  Still doesn't like his face in the water, but he doesn't cry when water splashes on it anymore.  If we were going to be here most of July I might have enrolled him again, but since we're going to be out of town a lot, we couldn't. 
 I walked by Gymboree the other day and the theme in there was GATORS.  WELL, you know I had to go in there and check it out.  I got James several CUTE Gator shirts (not like FL Gators, but to us every gator is a FL gator), so here he is before church last Sunday.
 We met Eric, Kelli, and Caroline at Cracker Barrel this week.  They were picking up their final boxes and stuff here and moving it up to KY.  It was so great to see them and James and Caroline had an awesome time hanging out :)  Such sweet friends!
Alright.  The biggest story is....wait for it...I got the pillows.  I got them yesterday and it was pouring down rain in a huge monsoon and I drove a long way to get them...and I just kept thinking that Landon would not have approved of this gas guzzling excursion in the pouring down thunderstorm - with James - to get these dumb pillows that I didn't even need right now.  But, it was like I had become obsessed with them.  I took James to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Target, Wal Mart, and Lowe's to look for pillows the other day.  Do you know what torture it is to get a 3 year old (who acts like 'hurrying up' is an impossibility) in and out of  car that many times?  It's a nightmare.  He is sooooo slow.  Hurry up, I say, as he gets a drink, buckles in his basketball, wipes something off the seat, finds a sticker on the floor.  Oh my heavens.  I had no success because everything is GONE from most stores because it's toward the end of the patio cushion buying season and the stuff is on sale.  However, online, nothing is on sale AT ALL.  And those bad boys are expensive.  Then....a light bulb moment...I remembered Garden Ridge.  I used to really like Garden Ridge over in Kennesaw and I knew they had rows and rows and rows of porch cushions.  I looked up locations of other Garden Ridges and there was one about 30 miles south of us.  So, I dropped Landon off after a fun lunch yesterday with the Wakeman's and headed down there.  And. I. found. them.  I was so excited about finding the right colors - I mean, even close to the right colors, solid colors, that I jumped up and down in the aisle and danced, and James thought it was the greatest thing.  YAY!!!!!  I got the rug and the pillows.  I am SO THANKFUL!!  AND SO EXCITED!  Carolyn is supposed to make the bottom cushions while I'm in FL - I cannot wait to sit on my little couch and drink some coffee (although I will be completing this project in the dead of summer when it will probably be too hot to step outside).  I just have to say that I would never do this again - unless I forget how bad it was (like people say happens with childbirth). 
 James took my pic with it because I was so happy!
Thankful for 4th of July today.  Growing up in a military area and seeing all of those folks all the time is something I really miss.  There was nothing like being at church on Memorial Day or celebrating the 4th at church and watching those men and women stand and shake hands - it's awesome.  I am so grateful for their sacrifice and the passion they feel for our country.  Headed to a picnic in a little bit!

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