Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love those Shoes

I have the potential to have a shoe problem.  Lack of money helps me with the potential problem.  You can't buy what you can't afford (well, I mean, you can, but it bites you in the end).  James really is growing fast, and he needs some new shoes.  I think it must be a "mom" thing, because I think Landon does not understand this, but it's just as fun for me to pick out clothes and shoes for James as it is for myself - especially because looking for CUTE boy stuff is like a serious treasure hunt.  It's tough.  James got some Christmas money so I wanted to get him a few pairs of new shoes.  One pair I had already bought at Stride Rite in Destin but James was asleep in the stroller, so I didn't make him wake up to measure his foot.  Mistake.  I started second guessing myself after we got back up here to Georgia.  I decided to return the shoes and let them measure his foot.  So, last night we made a short trek over to Discover Mills.  DM is a strange place.  There are many things I could say about it, but I will pass.  If you ask me in person, I'll be happy to share my thoughts.  Just know we did not park at Burlington Coat Factory.  This was the first time I'd shopped in this particular Stride Rite Outlet.  It was FANTASTIC!! They had a great selection and some GREAT sales!!!! Exciting.  I would have bought more shoes, but Landon was with me and was giving me the "eye" so I just got these three...and that was a feat in itself :)  I did end up returning the cute boat shoes I'd bought for spring/summer because James would have needed a bigger size than what I got - which is what I was afraid of.

We got these CUTE tennis shoes!
 Some casual shoes.
 Okay, and wait for it.  My favorite buy of the night.  These sandals for next summer - church-y sandals.  FOR $14.99.  I am serious.  People, this was incredible.  I love these little sandals - and James had the exact same pair this past summer.  

Man, kids need shoes, and shoes aren't cheap, and their sizes change FAST.  Will be revisiting this Stride Rite often, despite having to go to Discover Mills..if I can make it out alive each time.


  1. I love how you posed the shoes for the pictures :-)

  2. Growing up in the shoe dept. of Wise Dept. Store is definitely evident in these poses. Nice shoe selections :) MomW.