Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh, It's Getting Done. Period.

James and I have been playing and playing and playing outside, especially now that I have my new little furniture project going on.  He has totally gotten the hang of his tractor from Grammie & GatorPa and is tooling all around the yard in it..
 I try to get James to choose the popsicles that are all in the plastic and you push them up?  He is not a fan.  So instead, he licks this one for a while, then sets it down for a while, and then continues eating it whenever he feels like it.  He has a huge meltdown, however, if he waits long enough to go back to it that it's melted.  He doesn't understand about it melting yet.
 So....TADA!!!!  I have felt 1,000 different things about my little project.  Nothing was working that we tried, so Landon agreed maybe we should call and find out if someone could blast it off.  I couldn't find anyone in our town that would do it - they couldn't do the wood - only could do metal stuff.  So, that helped me see that it truly is a project for me to work on, and that's that.  I worked hard on it this afternoon and I got a lot done!  Look at this one chair (don't think about the fact that there are 4 tables and a couch left).  I am going to feel SO GOOD about this project when it's complete!

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