Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Time...and the livin' is easy...

We were at a friends' house for dinner tonight, and I mentioned my blog.  My non existent blog.  The one that I think about A LOT because I know I should be chronicling our memories on it, and that's what my intent is, but I just get soooo mad because if I can't stick with it and do it consistently, then I just don't want to do it.  Then, I actually said out loud, "But it would probably be better to have some memories than no memories."  And, you know what, DUH.  So, if my blog is to archive special memories and stories and regular life, then what do I care if I blog completely irregularly?  It's no pressure unless I put the pressure on myself.  Okay, okay, you get the point. Also, it drives me cray-cray that I am skipping like months of interesting thing happening, and starting at a random place (today).  However, sometimes you just have to STOP being OCD and move it along.  James has been doing some pretty funny stuff lately, so I wanted to write it down.
James preschool is over for the year, but I wanted to make sure I remembered a hilarious story.  I pull up to get him in carpool one afternoon, and as Ms. Jean is putting him in the car, she says, "Mom, could I talk to you for a minute OUT OF THE CAR?"  Well...GREAT.  Ha.  I get out of the car, and Ms. Jean proceeds to tell me two funny stories.  They are out on the playground playing, and she looks up, and James has his pants down.  Well, there it is. That's it.  Ms. Jean gets over to him and asks if he needs to go to the bathroom.  He then says, "No, I already went.  My daddy lets me go in my yard."  And, that's the truth.  So, she explains that he has to go inside to the bathroom while he is at school.  He understands and they move on.  Then, a little boy starts pushing him, and he pushes the little boy back.  Ms. Jean calls them both over to talk to them.  When Ms. Jean asks James why he pushed the other little boy back, James simply says, "My daddy told me if someone pushes me I can push them back.  And that makes sense to me." 
Landon's parents were here this past weekend.  Landon's mom and I are in Wal Mart with James.  We had already been one place with him, and I knew he was beginning to wear thin, but he was hanging in okay.  We are close to the cheese (meaning not in an aisle, but sort of out in the middle of the food section among lots of people) and all of a sudden James starts screaming.  I look down and his finger is reddish/purplish and he has it stuck in the cart some way and can't get it out.  This was a moment when I literally wished I could blink myself out of motherhood because I am such a panicker and so ill-equipped to handle any crisis.  I check and his finger really is stuff - he is still screaming.  Two ladies enter the picture (oh, among the other "watchers" on the outskirts of the scene) and suggest lotion.  I squirt  little lotion on my hand and try to rub it on his hand.  He is screaming.  The ladies are helping.  The onlookers are looking.  It is stressful.  Then, Landon's mom takes the whole lotion bottle (which was a small one) and begins squirting it all over the part of the cart where his finger was stuck.  This was very smart.  I was able to get his finger out and held him the rest of the time we were in Wal-Mart.  Are you kidding me?
A few nights ago we went to Red Lobster with Carolyn and Gerald because their grandson, Tyler, graduated from high school this past week.  After we'd eaten dinner, James said he needed to go to the potty.  I took him.  After he had gone, and I said we had to wash our hands, he said, "Daddy says I don't have to wash my hands.  I will not wash them."  Alrighty then, I don't think so, Buster.  I say (because I am embarrassed by anyone who might also be in the restroom and listening), "OF COURSE Daddy makes you wash your hands!  You always wash your hands after you go to the potty."  "Not if I don't touch anything," James says.  So then I just gave up and said, "Well, when you go to the potty with Mommy, you always wash your hands."  We get to the sink, and one of the Red Lobster managers is standing there washing her hands.  She talks to us for a few minutes and is telling James how, as manager, she has to wash her hands not just once but TWICE after going to the bathroom.  She thought us talking in the stall was hilarious.  So, she follows us back to our table, and says to (like 15 people) me, "So, where's the Daddy?"  Landon, meanwhile, has no clue what's happening.  I point out Landon, and she says, "Daddy, I hear you don't make James wash his hands when he uses the restroom."  It was HILARIOUS.  Landon was like, what in the world???  I thought it was so funny!
A picture of James tearing through the house on his tricycle with his goggles and jacket on.
Playing play doh with Ava :)
Working upstairs and hugging the deer
We had a few people over last Wednesday night from our Bible Studies this past semester at church, and I was so excited that I was able to put up my stars that I made last year!!
And, we ate dinner with the precious Wingate family this past Thursday night and here are James and Adaira playing play doh together - seriously???  This is so hilarious.

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