Saturday, August 3, 2013

James' 2nd and 3rd 3rd Birthday Parties

Birthday parties #2 and #3 happened in FL.  One with Landon's family and one with mine.  James got a bike from Nanna and Grandaddy!  Wow!
 He pretty much was completely obsessed with the helmet.  Serious business.
 All the sweet grandbabies (um, some not babies).
 James' cake at Grammie's house
 Celebrating James' and Daddy's b'days together
 Playing the squirrel game from Aunt Olivia.
 Cool truck from Grammie & GatorPa  (Note: James wore his helmet the entire b'day party at the Wise household).
Great fun!  No more b'day parties til 4 years old!!

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