Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dogs in Stores

So, yesterday for work, I had to head to this luggage repair shop close to our office to have them gold stamp some leather notebooks for me. Every year when we have our New Principal's meeting, I take the notebooks to be stamped. Malissa used to take them - so this is my second year of doing this job - but we have always taken them to the same place. Apparently, this place is practically the only place in Atlanta that will still put this gold lettering on the folders. It just happens to be down the street from our new office now. I dropped the notebooks off (only 2 of them this year) early last week. On my receipt that I took with me that day, they told me I could pick the notebooks up last Thursday. Because of my carpool/riding/driving situation, I did not pick them up until yesterday. I get there to pick them up about 1pm, and the lady says, "Oh, guess what, he just started working on those. It's going to be 15 minutes." Okay, first of all, what? If he had not done them already, he just happened to know I was coming and had coincidentally just started working them? Interesting. But, no problem. I'm happy to sit for a few minutes and wait for the notebooks to be stamped. I read a magazine, almost fall asleep in the sun, text some people, etc. Meanwhile, the dogs are on the floor. I have only been in one other store (which was a car wash) where the owners had their dogs in the store with them (except for perhaps a pet shop, of course). This place totally cracks me up. The two dogs are sweet as can be and very old and just lay around and sleep. Since this is a luggage repair shop, it's funny that behind the counter, the dogs have old suitcases as their beds. But, most times I've been there, they choose to sleep out in the "store" part of the building, making grunting noises, and just other dog noises in general. I decided since Malissa and I have talked about this store numerous times and the dogs there, I would send her pictures of the dogs on my phone. Here they are:

Don't you think this is funny? It totally cracks me up. I finally did get my notebooks and left. I hope the dogs are still there next year when I return for my annual notebook stamping.


  1. LOL!! I love the dogs! I know of two places that allow dogs in their stores. The Cat Wash in C-view (that you mentioned) and this other place in downtown Fort Walton. It was this little store and Grandma, and Mom and I were in Fort Walton together that day (wedding dress fitting maybe??) and Mom decided she wanted to go in this little shop. So we get int there and there is this little dog running around. I thought it was funny-it was not a "dog-stuff" store. So yes, I love the dogs in the luggage store!!

  2. Ha - I'm talking about a totally different carwash - isn't that funny? That is 2 carwashes with dogs! Weird...

  3. Dogs add character to a store.