Monday, November 23, 2009

The Weekend Update

We've had a busy weekend (shock). Landon's parents came this past week, and we did a ton of stuff with them (feels like). We started out Friday evening by having a Thanksgiving meal together at our house - we had roast, chicken and dumplings, dressing, baby lima beans, rolls, and carrot cake and pecan pie. I'm trying to think if there was anything else on my plate...but I don't think there was. Then, on Saturday, we drove around for a while, ate at Taco Mac for lunch (so we could watch the gator game), and then we went to see A Christmas Carol - at the IMAX 3D theater. It was super! I'll tell you this though. Landon and I have got to get some of our own 3D glasses.

This is what our 3D glasses looked like at the theater (maybe a little nicer than this). They are so uncomfortable! No matter how I tried to flip them up or slant them this way or that, they were just uncomfortable. Landon was right that we have got to research how to get our own pairs of those things! After the movie we came home and ate leftovers. We church'd on Sunday morning - and the service was great! Pastor Johnny shared with us that he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We are praying hard for him - it's in the early stages so they feel like it is very treatable. I can remember them watching his count for that even during the mentoring year, so I know it's been a possibility on the horizon for them for quite a while now. Landon's parents left after church and lunch at Cracker Barrel (where else would we have eaten?) on Sunday. We had a really good visit with them. After a quick Sunday afternoon and church Sunday night, we are back to another week....but GUESS WHAT? It's a short one!!!! I am off on Thursday and Friday....AND WE'RE NOT GOING OUT OF TOWN!!! I am NEVER, did you hear me, NEVER off when we are just staying in town. I am always off for us to go out of town. Because we're going to be home for the wedding and stuff around Christmas, I was thinking I would not decorate at all. Landon convince me I should decorate some...we just wouldn't put up a tree. I think I am finally ready to do some SHOPPING. My favorite part about Christmas though is wrapping the gifts. I would love to sit and wrap and wrap and wrap the gifts - but, only if I have cute ribbon and wrapping supplies! So...I just have to make it through Monday...Tuesday...and Wednesday....AND THEN OFF FOR THURSDAY AND FRIDAY! I cannot wait to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and go through the sale papers Thursday morning!

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