Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I know it's been a really long time since I've written. We've had a ton of stuff going on - hopefully some stuff I can share sometime soon, but with all this church stuff - we just have to be careful about sharing things. Anyway, suffice it to say, for random reasons, it's been a super busy couple of weeks. I already can't wait for the weekend, and the week just started! And, I still don't really have anything to tell you. I just found that my absence in the blogging world was becoming unacceptable to me. I do have one issue to address after my long hiatus.

Toilet Seat Covers.

So, who uses these things? I always use a toilet seat cover if it is offered in the restroom. I have to be extremely careful trying to discuss this because I am really bad about giving way too much information - when it is like no one's business and I should feel embarrassed sharing it. So...I'll try to monitor myself during this post. The other night, we get into a discussion with Eric and Kelli about toilet seat covers. I learn from this discussion that I have been putting the cover on backwards. I am very confused by these helpful little covers. Everyone else tells me that the flap part is supposed to go in the front. WHAT???? I thought the flap goes in the back??? I was totally unaware that I have been using toilet seat covers the wrong way my entire life (Which reminds me of when I first learned to use a computer mouse as a child, I learned to use it upside down - so up was really down, right was really left, etc. - weird, huh?). So, a few days ago, I tried to do it the so called "right" way. My friends, it did not work. I do not think these people I trust are correct. Can you provide any wisdom? I will try to think of something more entertaining and relevant than toilet seat covers to bring to the table in my next post. I am alive, and I do intend to continue in the blogging world. :)

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  1. hmm, I guess I thought it was supposed to be in the front, too