Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Trip Home

Okay, first of all, it's been FOREVER since I updated. I'm a little busier now than I ever was before in my entire life...and I joined Facebook, so I've been uploading all my pictures on there. But, I still wan to keep up with this...just not doing a great job of it! A couple of weeks ago we went home for a whole week! It was great to see our families and for Landon to have a whole week off!! James did great - slept great at night since I think he was so tired from being off his schedule sometimes during the days and from meeting so many new people :) Here are a few pictures...

James with Nanna and Grandaddy at the Chinese Buffet...
James sitting in Grandma's lap (my grandma...so I guess his Great Grandma...)
James with Great Grandma and Grandpa - it was so exciting for them to finally get to meet him!!!

James having fun with GatorPa!

AH, James and Aunt Krista - reading a true classic, the Berenstain Bears and Old Hat New Hat. He is sitting GREAT in the bumbo now!

Grammie and James playing together...

And, Grammie, GatorPa, and James - all of us eating at Coach n Four - no wonder he's happy! Who doesn't want to eat at Coach n Four!!??
Hopefully more pictures and details to come! And, James rolled over at Tonya's house when we were home - what in the world? He rolled from back to stomach! He is getting so big...and usually is very happy!

It was great to be home for a week, and great to come back here to our house and get back to our regular routine...if only we were just a few hours closer to Florida...

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