Friday, January 21, 2011

One Shoe...

When I was home at Thanksgiving, my mom showed me this picture she bought for Krista's birthday. Mom has one in her closet, so Krista wanted one. Well, hello, if they had one, then I needed one! So, I asked for one for Christmas...and got one! I hung it up in my closet last week. So...all three of us girls have these pictures hung in our closet. Krista and Mom probably win the prize for the most pairs of shoes, but I'm proud to hang mine up too :) I think this is so cute - and I love it when all three of us have stuff together :)


  1. HA! I'm glad you like the SHOE plaque! Yep, I knew right away that it was the PERFECT GIRL GIFT! Sure made a difference for Cinderella! Momma

  2. I LOVE this.....where did you get it??? Kayla would love it.....