Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

When I first began to upload pictures for this post, I thought to myself, "Okay, I'm going to start limiting myself to 5 pictures per post." Clearly that did not work out. I just want to show them all!!!! We had such a great Christmas. It was different this year because, for the first time, we were not with either of our families on Christmas day. It was hard, but we so wanted to be here for a Christmas Eve service at our church and for church the day after Christmas. Gerald and Mrs. Carolyn had us over for Christmas lunch - it was AMAZING! Good grief! AND, IT SNOWED!!!!! On Christmas! That gave us a little trouble trying to decide what to do about traveling to Florida the next day...but we did it anyway, and it ended up just fine...okay, okay, onto the pictures (more than 5, clearly)...

This isn't a great picture of our fireplace and the stockings, but it's the best I did. I got our stockings from Pottery Barn and had our names monogrammed on them. I tried to choose some that I thought they would have so we could hopefully add at least one more stocking one day :)
Here's what Santa brought for James! Oh, and we LOVE our Christmas tree. You know how we LOVE Costco - well, we took the plunge this year and got an artificial tree from COSTCO. It was awesome! James got some stuffed animals - one that we made for him at Build a Bear - a shape sorter, The Grinch book, a bouncy horse, some sippy cups and plates, and some socks.

Now, on to Christmas morning. I brought James in the living room, fed him his milk, watched TV, etc., and he never even was aware there was anything special in the room - ha. I know that will probably never happen again. So, when we were finished with his breakfast, we showed him his Santa stuff. He was mildly interested...mainly just interested in putting it all in his mouth. He did like the horse...

Here are some blocks Landon and I got James. He was very interested in eating wrapping paper and tissue paper.

Here are my presents from Landon!
Here are Landon's presents from me!
Gerald and Mrs. Carolyn gave James this Sillytown play thing - it is GREAT. It really helps him practice sitting up. He loves it!
We did Christmas with my family on Tuesday night once we got home. Daddy bought Momma a Keurig coffee maker - Krista and I gave her some coffees and accessories.
Here's Krista with James! He has on his Merry Christmas shirt. This book was so neat - Momma found it online - it's a Christmas story with James name throughout, but not only James' name, also Grammy, GatorPa, Aunt Krista, and Uncle Matt's names too!
Momma and Daddy got James the Fisher Price nativity scene - I LOVE IT! And so does he :) He loves to eat the people!
Here is James with Aunt Wendy! We did Frymire Christmas on Friday night - they were sick with the stomach virus earlier in the week. We were so afraid we weren't going to be able to see them!! BUT, thank goodness, they all got better, and we were able to go over on Friday night.

It was a really great Christmas. Obviously, a different one this year. I am so thankful for my family.

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