Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Update

As soon as you can get out of the house after being cooped up almost 3 days...where should you know where :)

We ventured out last night. I had two extra bottles for James, we had a shovel in the back of the Murano, I had our camera....we were READY for whatever came. There was some ice on the roads, but for the most part, we were okay. Since we never get to go on Wednesday nights...I had the Wed. night special :) Broccoli cheese chicken...yum. Landon had the kids' shrimp. I saw the greatest CB mug there - I may have to get it - I think it would show my true love and loyalty for Cracker Barrel to use this mug at home.

The other night in the midst of the snowstorm, after James went to bed, Landon and I made smores at the fireplace. It was very fun :) and very yummy :) I feel like all we've done the last 3 days is plan our next meal. We've got to get out of the house or I'm not going to fit out the doorway to leave!

Here are a few pics when we checked out the snow on Monday. Landon and James (and, btw, we had just gone outside in these pictures. Right after we took them I went inside and got another hat for James). Isn't this a great one of Landon and James??

My sweet little penguin!

Mommy and James. Who is more excited? Clearly, me. He is like, "Could somebody get me out of here??? "

Our home. I think it is so beautiful.

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